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05 Sep 2020 17:34:42
To Leafs
Murray rfa
Rust $3.5
Marino $.925($1.775)

To Pens
Nylander $6.96

To Leafs
Murphy $3.85

To Hawks
Andersen $5
Liljegren $.863

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05 Sep 2020 19:19:09
One is likely an underpayment (aka there is no chance the pens take that), and the other is probably an overpayment.

05 Sep 2020 19:52:19
Rutherford overpays for talent all the time. Murray has little value as every gm knows Pitt has to move a goalie. If we had to add a little so be it.
Hawks deal gets a defensive D for us and clears more cap space. They need a goalie and would want young rd to replace Murphy.

05 Sep 2020 20:27:38
Rust had 30 goals this year, so did Nylander. Nylander is younger though and is locked up for longer so he is worth a bit more. However if you want Marino as well, your going to likely have add a 1st as he is likely going to become their 1 RHD once Letang starts to decline, which actually seems to be right around the corner. I mean don’t get me wrong, if Rutherford would really make that trade I think the leafs would jump all over it, I just don’t see them parting ways with Marino.

Murphy is a good defenceman, but he doesn’t really solve our blue line issues. The way I look at it the leafs have two choices. Either one, they can go out and get a cheap defensively sound player to play with Reilly and then also target another top 4 guy for Muzzin, or they can target one elite player and have Lehtonen or Holl play with Muzzin.

If your getting Murphy I also expect another really good top 4 defenceman who is young and who can put up some points and drive the second power play. Muzzin will be able to cover in their own end. Perhaps a guy like Hamilton or Fox or Petry.

05 Sep 2020 20:30:05
Rutherford need to drop salary to 72.5 according to rumours. Nylander once bonus is paid is absolutely perfect for him in this regard. Only issue I see is it would have worked better before Kapanen was deslt.

05 Sep 2020 21:21:55
Murray is not the goalie for the leafs.
Andersen will fetch a 1st and prospect.

05 Sep 2020 22:43:32
So if leafs get murray before andersen is dealt don't they now have same problem only he has only 1 yeat while murray has up to 8. Yes sndersen is better at momrnt but now every gm knows they heed to deal him

If leafs deal andersen first then now murrays price goes up as rutherford knows leafs need a goalie. its like the chicken and the egg.

Either way guess if it is done around same time on same day only pittsburgh looks desperate. maybe that's why the deal hasn't been made yet.

As for deal
Andersen for murphy seems reasonable. Everyone has their opinion on what andersen can fetch. Murphy has been discussed before but he gets a split on people liking or disliking. guess whatever team in the end has the better valued player would get a prospect to make differance. It won't be a top tier prospect player though. i'm guessing the most given up to make difference would be a former 3rd 4th round prospect.

The pittsburgh deal is tough. let's just take marino off the table. Pittsburgh won't give him up along with the others. They found a gem. he is makar but definetly a 50-60 point potential guy from the back end.
Nylanders contract is worth more than the player. Owners value that contract more than gms do. If his name officially becomes available owners will push for that contract and overpay for it. Nylander will and can fetch a fair deal.
Murray dubas wants. Murrays value has steadly declined since 2018 much like his play. If he played to his original standards. Wed all be talking about the price like contract he would be signing instead if trade talks. it is what it is. Paying for hope doesn't cost tunnes. GMs don't usually gsmble on hoping goslues get back to old form. they will risk it on offensive players who have declined hoping there mix of players can get thst plsyer back to old ways. Goalies not so much. Hit and miss. This is huge risk for dubas. High risk high reward but most signs point to more declining play by Murray especially on this horrible defensive team.
Dubas loves murray so if he wants him he will find a way.
Rust just doubled his regular season input and at age 28. Most do this by 25 not 28. By 28 teams usually know what they are getting with player. Is this a marage or has he figured it out at 28. Either way i like him. he either continues his point a game pace and replaces nylander or he goes back to his old production and replaces kappy. its a win either way
He is 5 years older and has 2 less years term wise.
Murray and rust aren't nealy enough. marino definetly would come clise to making up differance but whether adding him evens out this deal pittsburgh can't let him go. He is letang without the pain. you deal is fair vslue. heck pittsburgh still might need to add but regardless marino isn't for sale. not because of nylander at all. just gecause of what pittsburgh has on back end. they can't afgord to give him up.

That said pittsburgh needs to add. with no 1st, only 1 prospect worth grabbing they don't offer much. if theyd hand over poulin great but that really is all they have for their future. They could hand over future 1st rounders. Pittsburgh really has no farm system now. crapoy for them

Maybe ask pittsburgh to retain on rust.1.75 . its not much but it helps.

Maybe tske out nylander and hand over kerfoot and johnsson.

That was going to be short but then i rambled. lol.

05 Sep 2020 23:01:07
Lmao no he won't.

05 Sep 2020 23:01:49
If Anderson for a 1st and prospect then Kapanen is worth at least a 1RHD and 2 1sts. Using your rationale it makes sense.

06 Sep 2020 02:10:26
I just read an article saying that Murray was part of the kappy deal but fell through after Dubas found out what Murray wanted for a contract now no prove that it’s true but does make sense.

06 Sep 2020 16:26:16
Never heard that. Obviously your right may be just a rumour but I could definitely see it.

06 Sep 2020 18:47:43
Both Murray and McCann what long term deals so the cap hit will suck for leafs r penguins as paying beyond year 3 costs ufa years. neither want bridge deals nor gettting stuck on seattle. take it how you want but players want what they want.



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