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18 Nov 2020 23:32:23
Leafs trade Andersen, Dermott, N. Robertson
Rangers trade Shesteyorkin, Lundqvist, Kravtsov, M. Robertson

Dermott = Lundqvist + M. Robertson
(Shesteyorkin - Andersen) = (N. Robertson - Kravtsov)

Rangers have the cap space they can afford to take on Andersen’s contract. I figure the value is pretty close. If you are hung up on value, add whatever picks/ prospects you feel balances it.

The reason I say Dermott is worth both Lundqvist and M. Robertson, even though Lundqvist has more upside, is because Dermott is already playing NHL. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

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19 Nov 2020 09:41:01
I just don’t see the Rangers dealing shesteyorkin. They got rid of lundqvist so the 2 younger goalies could play. It would look bad if the rangers went the other way and brought in a vet to play now. If that’s the case they should of just dealt one of the kids a few months back and just kept their long tendered vet in net.

Value is there just this kind of deal would be a PR nightmare.

19 Nov 2020 13:03:30
Yea, I don't see Rangers trading who they believe is their #1 goalie now to get an aging goalie on an expiring contract. They also traded up in the draft to make sure they got Robertson. To me, this deal is way too much in the Leafs favour.
Shesterkin, Kravtsov for Anderson, Dermott, N Robertson and maybe they think about it. Going to have to overpay for one of their goalies. imo.

19 Nov 2020 13:09:52
If Shesteyorkin is as good as they say he is, Rangers will win the cup before the Leafs. They are my second favourite team right now after Leafs. They have $5M in cap space still and a huge surplus of players/ prospects they can trade to stack the team the next few year. My guess is Hall ends up there come deadline. I really hope they don’t make th same mistake as the Leafs. They should go fornit all now before they got to start paying big for guys like Kakko and Lafrenniere.

19 Nov 2020 17:23:09
I agree with the others - Shesh is their guy now.

Lol. I had to Google Rangers' prospect Lundqvist. I was still thinking "Henrik". (Programs. I need a program. )

19 Nov 2020 23:08:20

Rumour is that the Rangers want to move on from either Fox or DeAngelo in order to squeeze Lundqvist onto the team - he is still unsigned and is not going to sign until they either free up space for him to come over and play or they lose his rights.

A bit off topic, but last year the Rangers traded Skjei for a 1st. Even though LHD is a weak spot for them, they recognized that they still weren’t contenders and they wanted to part with a player that they felt could be replaced internally for future assets, even though Skjei is signed for four more years. As a team still early in the rebuild, they recognized that Skjei, at 26 years old, was not going to be in his peak during contention years, and sold at maximum value. Good for them.

Now that they won the lottery though and drafted Lafrenniere, I think the Rangers will flip the switch this year, depending on how they are performing come deadline. If they are in playoff position, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become buyers. They should try to reduce quantity and keep the quality, while bringing in a couple guys each year while while all the young stars are on elc’s.

I’m actually almost excited for the Rangers right now as I was for the Leafs four years ago. They are a team I am going to be watching very closely. The speed at which they rebuilt their team is incredible.

After Rangers, I’m big on Ottawa. That’s if they don’t screw it up again. I have faith they will though. They always have before. Kinda sounds a lot like the Leafs that way actually.

20 Nov 2020 10:29:50
There is way more to the Skjei story than just dealing him due to him being 26 and not fitting with rangers plans.

Let’s just say a certain Michigan boy didn’t get along with a certain minny boy and an incident from 2011 never ever got resolved and rangers had to chose between the 2 and picked trouba.

20 Nov 2020 16:41:16
Did they pick Trouba? Or they just weren’t able to trade him? Lol. Because given their deficiencies at LHD, it would have made more sense to move on from Trouba and his bloated contract, even if it meant a smaller return or costing them a b-prospect to do it.

20 Nov 2020 23:54:38
A team I use to work for drafted trouba hoping he’d leave the US program to join their team. A bad insider involving trouba and a minny youngster got trouba suspended and almost got him coming to join his jr drafted tea. He didn’t want to leave Michigan so he stuck it out and learned to co exist with that minny player.

8 years later the 2 are made to go exist but in the end this time the Michigan player remained over the minny player

Yes the past wasn’t the reason the minny athlete was dealt from New York after all trouba did pick New York knowing the minny player played there. Just weird 1 year in and the minny player is gone when LHD is the rangers need.

The whole ordeal just brought back old memories of drafting a long shot to play for team only to have him almost say yes due to the bad insistent.

21 Nov 2020 14:06:14
Rangers having been moving salaries and mostly acquiring picks/ prospects for a season and a half. They just moved Staal and his $5.7 as well and he is an LD. The only real moves they have done to try and acquire anyone, is Trouba and Fox.
They have been shedding cap and making room for other younger players. I think the Skjei trade was just part of the overhaul.

24 Nov 2020 16:04:39
HOCKEYLUVR - good post. 👍.



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