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14 Jan 2021 07:59:46
If leafs fall short this season.

Leafs Trade MARNER

They need skill and grit a few more guys like

Montreal JOSH ANDERSON + another player exactly like him

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14 Jan 2021 08:18:46
Queue the overreaction of game one lmao. Right on schedule.

I thought Marner had a solid game. I wouldn't have blamed him at all had this been a loss.

So, Josh Anderson. He's coming off an Abysmal year, he's getting paid a fair amount for the risk that he is and by the end of that deal your looking at a boat anchor in all reality.

I think Anderson looked good. I'm not ready to crown the guy after one good game though.

Nylander had an epic game by most standards. Should trade him for Mcdavid. Mcdavid didn't register a point! What a bum.

14 Jan 2021 09:41:23
Leafslife I’m not talking a game he is fine most nights. But FINE ain’t worth 11 million dollars. To get that money he has to be very elite player KUCHEROV. THE PLAYER HE HAS BEEN LAST FEW YEARS. WITH MARNER it’s the dollars he costs one can argue right now nylander is better than marner. Nylander is 40% off MARNER SALARY.

14 Jan 2021 12:21:53
Nylander didn’t come off a 94 point season when he signed his deal.

Anderson will be in conversation with Milan lucic for worst contract by game 30 when everyone else catches up and passes his pace.

Leafs just need to start doing what the habs do and fall into players skates when opposition is driving to net. Somehow going head first diving into someone else’s feet isn’t tripping.

14 Jan 2021 18:26:33
I doubt Anderson's deal will be compared to Lucic's. Anderson is 6 years younger and will be 33 when the deal is done. If 27 is the average prime for forwards, the best is still ahead for him. The fact that Anderson also makes 500K less per season in his new deal makes his contract a steal for the kind of player he is.

The only similarity with Lucic is that they are similar size. Their contract value for performance seems to be on completely different tracks.

14 Jan 2021 18:56:12
I agree with chickenfoot here. Anderson and Lucic are loose comparisons. Anderson has better speed and skill than Lucic ever had. Lucic was more a crasher with a hard shot. Anderson can beat you with speed and has good puck skill for a big man. Anderson's contract will be an anchor only if he stops putting in the work off ice.

14 Jan 2021 19:07:56
Marner is an elite player the has put up elite numbers simple people need to move past this and just be thankful we have such young talented players.

14 Jan 2021 19:25:58
Lucic signed his deal at 28 and was suppose to be mcdavid protector. Game 1 he got a gordi Howe hattrick.

By game 30 he was horrible and his contract sucked

Same applies to Anderson.



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