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16 Dec 2021 16:22:19
I saw this proposal on another site and thought it looked really interesting.

IMO I think we need to go for it in the next 3 years and the contract for Chychrun is so good and he's arguably a 1D hidden on a bad team.

To Arizona
Sandin $895k-young D replacement for Chychrun
Holl $2M cap dump-nice D depth and a guy they may get assets for at deadline
Ritchie $2.5M cap dump-tough guy to protect some of their young kids
Mrazek $3.8M-overpaid as backup, would be their starter/a guy they could deal for assets in a year or two
Robertson ELC-young F star replacement/upgrade on Crouse
Cap out approx $9.2M

To Toronto
Chychrun $4.6M-immediate upgrade to top 4
Crouse $1.5M-immediate upgrade to top 9 and what we had hoped Ritchie would be but cheaper and younger
Wedgewood $825k-decent numbers on terrible team and can fill our veteran backup role for a year and frees up money to sign Campbell long term
Cap out approx $7M

This effectively frees up $2+M of cap space for roster flexibility and/or deadline deals. Our post trade healthy + depth lineup would look like:

Bunting - Matthews - Marner
Kerfoot - Tavares - Nylander
Crouse - Kampf - Kase
Mikheyev - Spezza - Simmonds

Rielly - Brodie
Muzzin - Chychrun
Dermott - Liljegren



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16 Dec 2021 16:39:27
It's a win for Toronto and I doubt ARZ does it. Also, I would assume that ARZ is on Mrazek's and Holl's no trade list. What are the odds of getting both Mrazek and Holl to waive to go to the worst organization in the League?

16 Dec 2021 17:25:51
@RLF Oh well that got shut down very quickly lol
I didn't even realize Holl has a Modified NTC
Do you think we have enough to give in a trade for Chychrun? I would think he is a guy we can would go all in on, especially with his contract.

16 Dec 2021 17:28:03
i agree with @RLF. dunno that Holl or Mrazek would waive (assuming they have ariziona on their list) i also feel that as they are taking on so much bad cap. Ritchie, Holl, Mrazek that they would want at least 1 of not 2 1st round picks. you are trying to send over a small forward in Robertson, who has not done anything in the nhl yet and is small and currently injured. Sandin has shown good signs but is also injured (should not affect his value though) so i think we'd have to add more.

16 Dec 2021 18:10:32
@Tagz. We have enough probably, but there would be nothing left in the cupboards and I think other teams will have better offers because they have more assets to part with.

16 Dec 2021 18:49:46
@RLF dare to dream, but I completely agree with you.

16 Dec 2021 19:34:54
Dreams are what keeps this site going. That's all any of this really is. lol.

16 Dec 2021 23:49:01
Can Chychrun play right side?



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