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22 Dec 2021 14:00:20
RLF Girgensons is another foligno move. Need a bigger step up than that player

Leafs trade Holl first round 2022

Islanders Brock Nelson 50% retained

The Islanders are now filled with bad contracts and they need to move some out retain salary only way. Nelson at half the money may be good option

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22 Dec 2021 14:17:29
@Mackin. I don't see how Girgensons is another Foligno move. Foligno was a rental that we could not afford to re-sign.

As for your deal, you seriously think the Isle will give you Nelson, a 40-60pt player who produces in the playoffs and they will also retain $3M for the rest of this year and 3 more years, for Holl and a late 1st. Unless Lou has lost his mind, I don't see it.

Now, Holl and a 1st may get you Girgensons with some money retained as he is only at $2.2M and 1 year remaining after this. You don;t want Girgensons that is fine, but thinking you are getting top 6 C/ W for what you are offering, is dreaming.

22 Dec 2021 15:43:32
RLF look at the stats of Islanders top 6 none of them have 20 points. This group played over its head when tavaras left but now the writing is on the wall. These guys are all over paid with too much term left.

22 Dec 2021 16:04:48
Mackin, I think you should go back and look at the stats. Tavares has been gone for 3+ seasons.

Nelson was a .5ppg player when Tavares was there. He is at .68ppg since Tavares left and .69ppg without Tavares in the playoffs for $6M per year.
Nylander is a .78ppg since Tavares arrived and .79ppg in the playoffs over that time for $6.96M per year.

Basically, it is costing the Leafs $1M more per season to get 8 more pts a year on average out of Nylander with Tavares over Nelson without.

Nelson also played 49 playoff games in that span for his .69ppg. Nylander only played 19 playoff games in the same timeframe at a .79ppg.

So Nylander projects to have 5 more pts than Nelson over 49 playoff games or an extra pt every 10 playoff games over Nelson. Not sure where you are drawing your conclusions from.

22 Dec 2021 16:05:19
RLF go hockeybuzz cap look Islanders what do they do now. They got all these players signed to hefty deals and they are a lottery team.

22 Dec 2021 16:51:02
They had no home arena at the start. They have had injuries and battled CV19. Only played 26 games so far because of it. They are missing their top D-man. Most players have missed games. All I can tell you is Nelson has played 19 games with 13 pts. .69ppg. That is what he has been for 3+ years since Tavares left.

You want Palmeri, Pageau, Clutterbuck, Cizikas they are probably willing to listen, but they aren't trading one of their better players for things they don't need like Holl. And they sure aren't retaining 50% on top of that. What does that do for them to have $2.6M in dead cap for 3 years and they have to replace Nelson. It doesn't help their cap situation at all.

22 Dec 2021 17:03:11
@Mackin I get that the Islanders may be sellers this year but you have to be realistic with your trade proposal.
You really thinking the Islanders are going to pay $3M per season for 3 years plus approx $1.5M this year.
That's over $10M in retained salary they're going to pay for Holl (who you stated is in total decline) and a late 1st round pick)?
Not going to happen.

22 Dec 2021 21:38:30
What's with this hate on the Islanders? They had the longest road trip I have ever seen then immediately got hit with CV.

Look at the Flames this season vs last season, that's probably the Islanders.



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