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19 Jan 2023 13:09:38
Tor: niemela 1st2023 kerfoot
Sly: oreilly 50% retained

Tor: engvall Benn
Edm: foogle

Tor: kallgren 7th (ott)
Ott: brassard

Tor: voit 2nd 2024
Van: schenn

Bunting matthews nylander
Oreilly Tavares marner
Foogle kampf jarnkrok
Brassard holmberg ZAR

Basically the goal here is to become bigger more physical and just overall a better playoff team oreillys and Tavares flip flop at centre.
The leafs move out engvall who statistically better but last game kinda made me want to Move him Gudas went at him all night and just made him look like such a timid player and with him being 6'5 he doesn't know how to use his size foogle a local guy hasn't put up the numbers but he's a good two way guy that fits that shutdown role. Brassard is a vet who can play centre lots of playoff experience and just a good cheap depth move and lastly schenn it's an overpay I know that but for the amount of team interested that's what it's gonna take imo schenn adds that tough guy to the leafs that can be productive still probably would have to move out a dman tho to make room

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19 Jan 2023 13:52:07
Is ROR really the guy we should be going after? And at what cost?

The Niemela trade could well do it. I believe I read the Blues wanted at least a 1st and a good prospect so who really knows?

My issue is he’s an older player on the decline (16 points in 37 games and a -24 I think) . He’s no doubt a rental since the Leafs won’t choose to resign him at $6m+.

Yes he has a great resume and I’m torn and not convinced he’s our guy and I hate losing a 1st yet again.

I think I’d feel better with Barbashev for Niemela and Kerfoot.

I do like Foegele and can’t understand why the Oilers don’t use him more. He’s got size, grit and speed.

Send the Oilers Voit and Benn, they need the cap savings and another Dman. We keep Engval.

19 Jan 2023 15:54:25
I will say there is risk involved with ROR but I will also say he’s probably the best option in terms of an impactful player if you just look at the goals and assists you would say differently but two me the leafs can play him in the middle or the wing he become a big boost to the pk. The other thing I’m not quite understanding is why does it seem like everyone thinks he’s gonna make 5-6 mil aav when usually players at his age tend to not get paid like that and if he’s been as bad as you say that hurts his value just my opinion.

19 Jan 2023 23:04:03
I called him an older player but he will only turn 32 on 2/ 7 so he’s not a gray-beard.

His best seasons are behind him for sure!

If the Leafs could extend at a reasonable number I’d feel better but I don’t want to give up a 1st pick.

20 Jan 2023 03:54:22
Niemala and a 1st round pick for ROR who has 10 goals, 18 points, and is a -28 in 37 games does not seem like a very good idea to me.

Brassard we don’t need in my opinion.
But I like the Schenn deal though Vancouver might want more?

20 Jan 2023 15:51:52
Have you guys ever considered the fact that the blues are trash this year he gets all the top match ups you look at his defensive numbers and they are still top of the league he’s never been a highly touted offensive player even tho h torched the leafs earlier in the year I’m looking at market value and looking at what teams like Tampa and Boston will pay and the fact is those team that we will play in the playoffs are willing to mortgage the future to win cups leafs should be there too and I’m just speculating here but I think it’s very interesting that holmberg was sent back down when he clearly was working in the bottom six I think the leafs are looking at a centre.

21 Jan 2023 00:06:53
Engvall is better than Foegele so no thank you.

O’Reilly is 31 years old (32 in three weeks) and on the downside of his career.
Not worth giving up the future for an aging rental that Leafs will not be able to afford to resign next year.
Dubas tried that with Foligno two year ago and it was a disaster.

If Leafs are going to target a potential rental then they should be targeting Timo Meier (who is only 26) and a far better fit for the team than a deteriorating Ryan O’Reilly.

21 Jan 2023 02:48:04
WB49. I understand what you are saying, but if the Leafs can't afford to resign O'Reilly, than how can they afford Meier and his $10M qualifying offer?



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