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31 Jan 2023 23:53:16
2 moves

Voit ELC
Steeves ELC
2023 3rd
McBain $.883M

Engvall $2.25M
2023 1st
Gaudette $.750M
Jeannot $.800M

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01 Feb 2023 01:13:33
Yes to Arizona no to Nashville.

01 Feb 2023 01:54:56
Remove Engvall from the deal as he is an extremely useful player for the playoff run and a trade of: Gaudette/ Anderson/ Hunt/ McMann/ Steeves/ Hollowell/ …. along with a 1st for Tanner Jeannot would be a great addition to the Leafs lineup.

01 Feb 2023 02:42:31
I would be on board with that. We need to insert some sandpaper into our line-up.

(we all know the playoffs are a different beast)

As a matter of fact, Keefe realized that when we were not winning against ottawa, nobody stepped up in other departments so he is turning to Simmonds to insert that grit, . and again we all know simmy is limited now with his force but adding these two players mentioned above^^ Keefe wouldn't have to lean on only limited simmonds. He could actulaay give these two AMPLE minutes in many different situations. NOW, . if we could also add a D man who can supply even Lubushkyn kinda traights, . we'd be better off. GREAT PROPOSAL imo for this "lets up our anti playoff run"!

01 Feb 2023 13:17:20
@WB49. Remove Engvall as he is useful for a playoff run? He has 0 goals and 4 assists in 17 playoff games. He has had his chances to be useful in the playoffs. Granted, he is put in a defensive role in the playoffs, but that is still poor production. He only has 2 blocked shots and gives that puck away more than he turns it over. He isn't overly physical with a hit per game, which isn't much for playoff hockey. Why would Nash say yes to your proposal? They need scoring. You want to send them a choice of an NHL maybe and a late 1st for a heart and soul NHLer. Leafs want Jeannot, they are going to have to make it very attractive. They may lose Engvall to free agency but Gaudette is an RFA, so they would have him and the 1st no matter what, plus Engvall if they want to resign him.

@Thatguy. On top of all that, neither is a rental. Both are RFA and should be able to sign the two combined for what Kerfoot makes or hopefully even less. That is a huge part of this deal for me. They are both left shots and McBain can play centre. McBain is also a Toronto boy which is nice to have.
When I look at the Leafs, it's a lot of players from outside Ontario or even Canada. Not a lot of hometown passion to draw from. There are JT, Marner, Bunting as regular forwards (Simmonds as well when he plays) . Brodie, Gio and Timmins on D (Muzzin too, but his career may be over) . That's it. We could use more hometown passion. imo Canadians are passionate about the Stanley Cup. Many foreign players are more passionate about playing for their country. Not saying they aren't trying to win or they aren't valuable players, but it isn't the same for them.

01 Feb 2023 19:15:38
@RLF. isn't there an issue with us trading our 3rd pick. someone might have the rights to it. might actually be Arizona. where would McBain play. do you have him on forth line as a winger or replacing Holmberg?

Also fine with Nashville trade. at first it looks heavy but if Jeannot can slot onto the 2LW he might find his groove back.

both deals are good deals.

01 Feb 2023 21:13:00
Loxley. I would try McBain as 3C. Him Holmberg and Jarnkrok I would iike to see. Or 3LW and keep Kampf as 3C. Still have ZAR, Kerfoot and I would throw McMann in there with Simmonds and Anderson. Looks like a deeper bottom 6 to me.
Jeannot as 2LW as a try for sure. I think Willy would like that presence on his line.

01 Feb 2023 21:16:35
Loxley. We also own Ottawa's 3rd which is what the trade included. I should have noted that.

02 Feb 2023 15:39:29
I was just asking cause was not sure if these guys can all move around from C to wings. thanks for clearing up the pick. i know they own Ottawa's but cause you did not include that info just wanted to clarify that the Leafs one may be spoken for.

03 Feb 2023 01:46:42
All in for both trade targets.

Nashville might prefer a good prospect to the expiring contracts offered by Engvall and Gaudette.

My thought was:

To Nashville : 2023 - 1st round pick, Nick Robertson

To Leafs: Tanner Jeannot.

03 Feb 2023 12:34:03
@WB49. They are still in the playoff race. They need scoring now and Robertson is done for the year. Gaudette is an RFA with 19 goals in the A and Engvall is a better goal producer this year than Jeannot. If Nash is still trying to make the playoffs, your deal (which is similar to what I suggested in the past) is not what they need right now.



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