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14 Nov 2023 12:51:33
Klingberg $4.15M
2024 1st
Cowan ELC
Niemela ELC

Andersson $4.55M

Calgary stocks up on young players and picks while taking on Klingebrg. If they go rebuild, Andersson is 27, so this may appeal to them.

Toronto gets their top pair RD, that can put up points and is physical with being signed at a great cap hit for 2 more seasons.

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14 Nov 2023 14:00:00
Love it and he would be another Rielly but on the right side. Still would love to get Tanev or Zadorov from them as well.

14 Nov 2023 17:45:44
Andersson the physical monster with 3 hits in 10 games this year. Wow. And the most hits in a full season being 63. That just screams physical .
We don’t need another offensive dman, that’s what he is nothing more. We need a PHYSICAL stay at home dman that can clear the crease, block shots and is good on pk!

14 Nov 2023 20:03:16
Marnerforlife. Just because he doesn't throw a ton of hits doesn't mean he isn't physical or he doesn't moves guys in front. He has 3 NHL fights all basically sticking up for teammates. He blocks a ton of shots and is not afraid to battle in front. He ramps up the physicality in the playoffs as well. Is he a 6'5" monster? No. Most top pair D aren't. You want the physical guy, then also add Brown form Arizona at the TDL. He won't cost much.

14 Nov 2023 20:10:00
Marnerforlife. Just an add on to the hits. Holl had 151 hits last year and Liljegren 107. Neither can move a guy from in front of the net. Some guys have a lot of hits because they are always second to the puck.

14 Nov 2023 22:01:03
If all we want is physicality, why bother with any of them? Curtis Douglas can probably handle that. Sure he's a centre, but he's also 6'9.

15 Nov 2023 00:12:20
A 1st, plus Cowan, plus Niemala?
No No and No!
Like Anderson alone is going to make that much of a difference?
Massive overpayment.
I’m surprised you didn’t add in Liljegren as well!

15 Nov 2023 02:46:56
@WB49. I would have added Liljegren, but I knew Calgary wouldn't want him.

Your right though (not) . How could replacing Klingberg with Andersson, a 23 min a night 40+ point defenceman that plays hard make that much difference. Clearly he couldn't.

All we have to do is wait for Liljegren to be healthy, play him on the top pair, 1st PP, 1st PK unit and the Leafs will cruise to victories. Doesn't sound delusional at all.



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