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21 Mar 2024 13:41:23
I've moved to the computer instead of my phone, so let's try this one last time lol

Leafs trade in summer

Robertson RFA
Timmins $1.1M/ 1yr RFA

To Toronto
Burroughs $.55M/ 2yrs (@50% retained)
2024 3rd round pick (via TB)

Trade Kampf & Jarnkrok for more picks

Leafs re-sign
Bertuzzi $5M/ 5yrs
Domi $3M/ 4yrs
Dewar $1.15M/ 2yrs
Benoit $1.1M/ 2yrs
Liljegren $3.25M/ 3yrs
Jones $1.4M/ 2yrs

UFA targets
Roy $5.5M/ 6yrs
Dillon $3.5M/ 4yrs

New Lines (tweak Willy to 2C)

Domi-Matthews-Bertuzzi $21.25M
McMann-Nylander-Marner $23.753M
Knies-Tavares-Cowan $12.860833
Holmberg-Dewar-Reaves $3.3M
Tverberg $.851667

Rielly-Roy $13M
Dillon-Lily $6.75M
Benoit-McCabe $3.1M
Burrough $.55M

Woll $.766667M
Jones $1.4M

Projected Cap $87.7M
Leafs Cap $87.582167

Nylander at 2C will be the main issue to get through, but Marner & McMann makes this line defensively responsible.
Cowan may also be a stretch, but many player's his age and skill have transitioned into the NHL.


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21 Mar 2024 14:32:50
Geez Tags, has Mackin been showing you how to post the same trade 3X in one day? lol

I don't mind going after Burroughs. He and Benoit would be a solid, physical 3rd pair. I think Leafs are giving up too much. He's a late bloomer 3rd pair guy. To me, something like Tverberg and a 5/ 6th round pick should do it, no retention. Timmins could stay as the 7th D or move him for a pick and get a cheaper 7th D.

Domi, Dewar, Benoit and Roy signings I am good with.
Need Bertuzzi to come in a little better on money.
No way would I want to see Liljegren signed for $3.25M per. People were complaining I wanted Peeke at $2.75M. Just for those that told me Peeke is trash. Small sample size, but 3 games in Boston, all wins. 1 pt, 5 hits, 8 blocks and a +3 averaging around 18 mins a night. Amazing what playing on a good team will do for your stats compared to playing on a crap team. Liljegren goes out along with Robertson imo.

I would look at targeting Trenin of course, and Walker to fill out the D. I'd rather Walker at $3.25M than Liljegren. Jones wouldn't be bad, but maybe a guy like Stolarz or Brossoit would be a bit of an upgrade. No desire to trade both Jarnkrok and Kampf, but if one has to go for cap space, I would likely move Jarnkrok if bringing back Bert and Domi and adding Trenin.

No way I want to see Willy at C. He's a winger.

21 Mar 2024 15:00:17
@RLF lol, yes I just finished the Mackin school of posting props 101.
Anyways, I would like to retain both Domi & Bertuzzi, but can't figure out any other logical ways to do it, especially along with upgrading our defensive which is an obvious need.
Maybe you can figure out something that makes sense.

21 Mar 2024 16:21:58
Tags. lol Making sense is subjective. We are all just spitballin here.

Let's say Roy signs for $5.5 as you say and Walker at $3.25M. That leaves the Leafs about 11.75M. Benoit at $1.1M and Boosh at 1.5 and leaves approx. $9.15M with the D pretty much set.

Rielly Roy
McCabe Walker
Benoit Boosh

Move Timmins for a pick. Up to 10.25M
Bert 5X$4.6M
Domi 3X$3M
Leaves $1.55M

Move Jarnkrok for prospect/ pick
Up to $3.65M
Sign Dewar 2X$1M
leaves $2.65M
Sign Stolarz 2X$1.5M
leaves $1.1M

Domi Matthews Marner
Bert JT Nylander
Knies Kampf McMann
Homlberg Dewar Reaves

Rielly Roy
McCabe Walker
Benoit Boosh


Fits under the cap I think. Then when JT's deal is done, money opens up.

21 Mar 2024 18:11:32
No doubt, but it's fun spitballing.
I personally don't like Kampf as 3C, I know you're okay with it though. To me, he doesn't supply enough offense that's why I want him moved and that's why I go round and round in circles lol.
IMO we really need a 2C koving forward because I think JT would be much better served as a 3C next year.

21 Mar 2024 18:14:00
I thought his course would be called anyway the wind blows.

21 Mar 2024 19:43:01
Randy. No man, that's the PHD course, you have to learn the basics before you get to the "anyway the wind blows" full on ideology.

23 Mar 2024 11:36:01
Agreed on Nylander staying at RW.
Think there’s no need to continue that experiment.
We have learned his D is lacking; he has a hard enough time covering the slot and point let alone having him support the D at net front and corner.



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