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29 Mar 2024 21:37:35
Good signing for Benoit and the team. He almost doubles his salary going forward, gets a 3 year deal, and still has something to play for as he will expire in his late 20s.

Tre getting him at a bottom pairing number for 3 years is also stellar.

It brought me back to the Justin Holl and Pierre Engvall signings seeing this recently. Middle 6 and bottom pairing players Dubas signed vs McCann and Benoit for Tre. I have to look at this as almost exactly the same situation, except Tre did a better job.

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30 Mar 2024 02:50:15
McMann not McCann.
Dubas left McCann unprotected in the expansion draft in order to protect Justin Holl.

30 Mar 2024 03:17:54
@WB yes, I know the name, I watch him quite a lot lol.

Auto-coerect always changes it, and I figured everyone (other than you apparently), understood.

30 Mar 2024 04:49:07
It is great signing we see how many more they sign b4 end of season

Robertson 2 years $1.35 mil per
Liljegren 3 years x $3 million per
Domi 3 years x $2.5 million per
Bertuzzi 4 years $3.5 million per
Jones 2 years $1.35 million per

2 players that don need a lot of high talent around them and can drive lines Matthews and Marner.

30 Mar 2024 12:21:13
Sorry I don't want lily or Robertson back I hope they are in a pkg for a legit top 4 d man.

30 Mar 2024 13:43:00
All his signings with term are big and physical and play a heavy style of game. Not talking about Willy obviously. I mean Reaves, Benoit, McMann and yes, even Kampf. He will evaluate Boosh and Edmundson and then if he likes them, I wouldn't be surprised if he can get them at the right number to try and extend them. Benoit and Boosh as a 3rd pair tendem wouldn't upset me at all. Rielly and McCabe as the top pair. Then have to fill in the middle.

Johnny. What I have been saying for a while as well. I just don't see Liljegren do anything well enough to compensate for his lack of physical prowess defensively. Maybe with the right partner? I am definitely not sold on him being more than a #5.

Mackin. I see Robertson and Jones as the only realistic numbers you have there.

30 Mar 2024 18:03:16
I see lily as nothing more than a 3rd pairing guy as well and he's soft.

31 Mar 2024 17:54:34
Come on David, I told you to pick a new favourite.
Robertson and Llyigren will be traded at the draft to San Jose and Anaheim for picks.

Bertuzzi I would resign but only at $3.5
Domi will be not be resigned, and Jones will be replaced with Talbot.

Get on the Barbolini train David as Robertson is leaving.



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