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28 Feb 2024 02:19:25
Toronto trades Liljegren, Jarnkroc and 5th
Columbus for Peeke and Jake Bean (50 percent retained on Bean)

Right side bigger the tougher


1.) 28 Feb 2024 19:37:27
You need to keep your right shot d not give it away for one.

2.) 28 Feb 2024 20:52:43
Peeke sucks .

3.) 29 Feb 2024 01:07:47
Liljegren is a better defenseman than Peeke or Bean and still improving.

Trading Jarnkrok leaves the Leafs with only Marner and Nylander on RW and no right wingers in the bottom 6 (unless you count Reaves as an NHL caliber player) .



24 Feb 2024 12:34:41
Could Treliving pull off one of these suggested Blockbuster trades.

Toronto trades Samsonov, Neilima, Minten, 1st, 3rd, 5th all in 2024

Calgary for Markstrorm and Tanev (50 percent retained for this year only on both)


Toronto trades Samsonov, Neilima, Tverberg, 1st, 3rd, 6th
Nashville for Saros and Carrier (50 percent retained on Saros)

Then trade Jarnkroc to Seattle for 3rd in 2024

Trade Robertson and Abreezese, 5th
Anaheim for Vatrano (25 percent retained)


1.) 24 Feb 2024 13:22:39
Not even worth a response.

2.) 24 Feb 2024 13:52:36
Can’t retain salary for part of the contract.

3.) 24 Feb 2024 16:07:03
Why not Legend, I read enough of your comments that these proposals are not out of this world.

4.) 24 Feb 2024 16:07:45
So then do it for the remainder of the contract, not a be deal.

5.) 24 Feb 2024 16:08:36
It's not worth a response because it is doable,



23 Feb 2024 03:01:19
Toronto trades Jarnkroc and Lagesson

Seattle for Will Brogan

Toronto trades Llyigren and Steeves and 5th in 2024

San Jose for Mario Ferraio


1.) 24 Feb 2024 01:00:25
Seattle is still building their team.
Would Ron Francis be interested in trading 27 year old Will Borgen for a 32 year old 3rd/ 4th line Jarnkrok and a 28 year old AHL defenseman?
I can not see that happening any time soon.
Borgen is the right target but the offer has to be attractive!



19 Feb 2024 14:17:01
Leafs will and should settle for lower trades to get defensive help.

Toronto trades Lagesson and 6th
Washington for Edmundson

Toronto trades Jarnkroc and 5th
Columbus for Andrew Peeke

Toronto trades Robertson, liljegren and 3rd in 2024
For Matt Roy and Arthur Kailyev


1.) 19 Feb 2024 17:44:12
I think lagesson isn't going to be traded now because of his injury.

Dumba is probably on their radar, and should be relatively affordable.

I think they can get creative to make a move for cheaper Kampf.

The Leafs most glaring needs are 3c, 1rd, and a scoring winger.

2.) 20 Feb 2024 09:53:04
Dumba leads the Coyotes with a -13 and has not been very good this season.
I don’t believe he is a target.
Hopefully not!
Edmundson is not a significant upgrade.
Peeke is not a significant upgrade.
If Leafs wish to upgrade the defense they have to consider Walker, Seeler, Roy, Ferraro, Borgen, Tanev and in our dreams Adam Larsson.

3.) 20 Feb 2024 22:13:06
Agree with WB. Especially about Peeke. Hard no there.



17 Feb 2024 03:12:08
Off the radar Blockbuster trades by Treliving that no one saw coming,

Toronto trades Llyigren, Bertuzzi (waives no trade cause), Minten

To Seattle for Shane Wright, Will Brogan, Brandon Tanev

Toronto trades Robertson, Jarnkroc and Tops Nienlma
Los Angeles for Matt Roy and Arthur Kailyev

Toronto also trades Brodie (waives no trade)
Winnipeg Jets for 2nd in 2024

Toronto trades Lagesson
Washington for Edmundson

Toronto trades Tverberg
San Jose for Anthony Duclair

Duclair Matthews Marner
Tanev Tavares Nylander
Knies Domi Kailyev
Gregor Kampf McMann
Holmberg Reaves

Reilly Roy
Benoit McCabe
Edmundson Borgen
Giordano Timmons





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07 Feb 2024 23:56:01




1.) 08 Feb 2024 11:26:10
Yes they have an insane amount of turnovers at both blue lines. This is what I have been talking about with regards to dumping the puck in and not trying to carry it or make low percentage cross ice passes. A lot of our bad defensive mistakes (goals against) usually start with a turnover in the neutral zone or just inside the offensive blue line. But only certain people get in trouble for those turnovers and some have different rules.

2.) 09 Feb 2024 13:04:03
Yes Leafs rank 4th in number of turnovers and 1st on a per game basis.

It’s not so much how many but where they take place.

Turnovers in the O-zone don’t often turn into goals while D-zone have a greater chance.

Also if you have the puck a lot like Marner, Nylander and Reilly the law of large numbers apply

Marner leads team at 46, Reilly at 45 and Nylander only 26 (so say what you want about Nylander but he’s not prone to turnovers) .

Brodie is 3rd on team and particularly problematic because he’s doesn’t have the puck as often as many. Domi and Bertuzzi are also big contributors.

Benoit (despite a big one against Dallas that didn’t lead to a goal) has but 14. Hes also not a big puck carrier but often makes the safe play.

3.) 09 Feb 2024 14:34:06

Why not mention Robertson on turnovers. If he had played as many games as Bertuzzi, he would have only 5 less turnovers while playing much less minutes. Bertuzzi also has an even ratio of turnovers to takeaways while Robertson is a negative 3.

In fact, Robertson has the 2nd worst per game turnover ratio, only behind Domi of all regular bottom 6 forwards. These two also have the worst giveaway to takeaway ratio of all regular bottom 6 forwards. Most have a positive ratio. Even Reaves is only a negative 1 ratio.

4.) 09 Feb 2024 16:41:47

Not sure about your math skills!

I see Bertuzzi at 26 t/ os in 48 games, greater than 1/ 2 per game while Robertson has 13 in 33, less than 1/ 2 per game.

You are no doubt correct on +/ - to takeaways.

I was simply responding to the new name for the Leafs that Parkgardens offered!

5.) 09 Feb 2024 18:16:42
He has 13 in 31. If you project that to 48 games its 20.13. Bertuzzi has 26 in 48. Sorry 5.87 less than Bertuzzi. I rounded up instead of down. Not sure how you feel I am way off on my math.
Point is, you went out of your way to mention every guy you want to trade saying they are the worst when they are not.

6.) 10 Feb 2024 13:21:50
Sorry for not including Robertson RLF.
Please forgive my omission.
I believe you said Robertson was second to Domi which is clearly incorrect.

7.) 11 Feb 2024 02:01:26
I said 2nd worst turnover to takeaway ratio behind Domi of all regular bottom 6 forwards. How is that not correct?



21 Jan 2024 15:32:09
If the Leafs lose tonight to Seattle will Keefe, aka the DonutMan, get Fired?

I think so, what do you Think?


1.) 21 Jan 2024 16:30:44
I don't think so. They seem really reluctant to change anything mid season right now.

2.) 21 Jan 2024 16:42:12
I don't think so. A rookie GM hired a rookie coach. The rookie GM is gone, but I think Keefe is going to get some more rope still. If the team stops trying or the mistakes don't see improvement, then Keefe is likely gone before seasons end.



17 Jan 2024 22:23:12
Can the Leafs still trade Nylander before his new contract starts?

Does anyone know?


1.) 18 Jan 2024 00:14:23
I don't see why they can't.

The biggest issue is the PR of it. No UFA will ever sign here again I'd that's how you conduct business.

Second issue is, who in their right mind was willing to pay Willy that much money, ans is now prepared to trade assets for him?

2.) 18 Jan 2024 00:18:39
No they can't. Part of the new deal is that his no move clause kicks in at time of signing. Willy has a no move right now.



17 Jan 2024 12:03:30
Treliving take your hands off your balls and wake up and make some trades!

The defense is terrible and you need to get rid of the Two guys you signed this last summer.

Yes BERTUZZI and DOMI they both suck!


1.) 17 Jan 2024 13:23:14
Whoa! I agree that Treliving needs to do something but Bertuzzi and Domi are not the issues. Core 4 are eating most of the ice time and PP, what are they doing? Bert and Domi are two guys that raise their game come playoffs. Let’s make a fair evaluation then.

2.) 17 Jan 2024 17:48:46
These guys are not the issue a part of it sure. To me Bertuzzi is looking like less of a fit and the coach doesn’t know how to deploy him same with domi I’d move Bert because I don’t think he’s resigning and I think they could get something decent.



17 Jan 2024 03:49:29
I think the whole team is pissed because they kept Nylander and could traded him for the help they.

The lower players are pissed he got all that money and it has caused a rif in the dressing room.

Because all Nylander is doing is shooting the puck to score and not playing with his teammates.

Leafs will miss playoffs!





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24 Feb 2024 16:08:36
It's not worth a response because it is doable,




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24 Feb 2024 16:07:45
So then do it for the remainder of the contract, not a be deal.




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24 Feb 2024 16:07:03
Why not Legend, I read enough of your comments that these proposals are not out of this world.




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11 Feb 2024 15:18:10
Yes! Because he sucks!

Why do you think he good, he is a scared to get hit and can never get the puck out of his own end.




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07 Feb 2024 21:00:38
Thank you Clark17,
Yes Llyigren is rubbish and a scary cat to get hit.

He needs to go!
Been saying it all year!





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01 Jun 2023 00:07:11
Good then call Shanny and get rid of Fat Boy Keefe, please.




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01 jun 2023 00:06:14
totally agree!

fat boy has to go!
he can't even figure out who should play with who after 82 games.

he is a ahl coach at best, it is the players winning the regular season games, not his coaching.




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28 Apr 2023 14:33:27
Holl on for 14 goals against!
What is Keefe thinking, Tampa knows he is the weakest link and put the puck in his corner everytime.
Hey Keefe maybe you should take your lame buddy out for a big Steak and a bottle of wine.

Dumb Coach, hoping they lose series so Ownership can clean house of Dubas, Keefe, Shanahan, Nylander, Holl and possibly Matthews.




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25 Apr 2023 01:30:53
The problem is they just don't know when to put the foot down on the throat of these persons.
Nylander is the problem and would have benched him with his stupid slur foot. He should use a shoulder to hit by he is a bum.
I am done with these losers.




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19 Apr 2023 14:47:07
Well I think this crap performance lyes directly on Keefe.
All his screwing around with the lines, this 11 and 7 bull and playing Hellboy Kerfoot instead of Kives.
Tampa out skates them because they were off to long and DOUGHNUT eating Coach didn't skate them hard enough and he doesn't enough know who should play with each other!

I coach is a bum and needs to pack up and leave.

Same old bull crap after the game by the players, WE HAVE TO TRY HARDER, THAT IS CRAP.