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16 May 2020 21:04:58
Okay so this is all hypothetical but like what if Hall actually somehow signed in Toronto. I'm assuming it would be for 5-7 years at around 8.5 million

Other signings:
Mikheyev 1-2 years 1.75 mill
Gauthier 700k
Spezza 700k
New 3C (EXAMPLE: Brassard, Galchenyuk) 1-2 years 1.5 mill

Trade to NJ:
Kerfoot, Johnsson, Engvall, Dermott, Bracco
To Leafs:
Severson (NJ retains 50%) and whatever else they want to throw in

Hyman-Matthews-Marner 24.95
Hall-Tavares-Nylander 20.2
Mikheyev-3C-Kapanen 6.45
*Brooks, Gauthier All 5- 3.975

Reilly-Severson 5.08
Muzzin-Lehtonen 6.55
Sandin-Holl 2.9
*Rosen 700k

Anderson 5
Campbell 1.65

Kessel 1.2

Total cap: 78.655 mill

So it is possible without giving away one of our core pieces, and there is even a little bit of wiggle room in case Lehtonen doesn't work out (or if any of you think the new 3C and/or Hall might cost a bit more)

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16 May 2020 22:01:36
How is Severson $80,000?

16 May 2020 22:14:35
I love the idea of this! However, I think Hall would want more than 8.5, probably around 10 mil is what he will get. I love all those signings, but I think we are giving up too much for severson trade. They should throw in a significant piece in that deal. Love the idea of getting Severson, though. I think he would be the best fit for beside Rielly that we could get for a reasonable price.

17 May 2020 00:17:45
Issue isn't next year really though. It's the year after in my opinion. You can probably trade Kerfoot, Johnson and Kapanen to make room for Petro but then it means losing Hyman, Freddy and Reilly which significantly handicaps the team. I wouldn't actually sign any big name free agent if I was Dubas. He believes in system so trade what you will but signings are largely not worth it right now.

17 May 2020 00:18:16
Not to mention hall most assuredly wants 7 years if possible and I don't think 8.5 cuts it.

17 May 2020 00:22:58
Septenber 17th 2015
Toronto traded Verhaege, beck, nilsson, finn and for Grabner
A ridiculous 5 for 1 deal not seen to often. In an attempt to cut roster size down to allowable size leafs gave up at time a decent goalue prospect, 2 minor league dmen and 2 not so bad prospects at that time. In return they got a 30 goal man in last season of a 3 million cap hit. worked out great for Toronto as none of those 5 truely made an impact on any nhl teams. Grabner was very solid as a leaf with his speed and constant breakaways. i enjoyed his short time as a leaf

Fast forward 2020 when teades are allowed once again. Toronto trades 2 established 30-40 point players who on a jersey team both could be top 6 guys if needed in a pinch but realistically would make up 2/ 3rds of the 3rd line that would be pretty solid. Jersey also gets a young upcoming RFA with top 4 potential (may already be there especially in jersey with no severson or ufa vatanen) whom might be a great fit with Subban. Jersey not only gets 3 established NHLers but get breakout Engvall who will be a legit 4th liner for life but its a pretty solid gig for a guy who was just an afterthought early in his career. Then jersey gets Jersey Shores himself Mr. Bracco. Could he actually make Jersey? Who cares not the leafs problem

All this for a RHD who was the 3rd RD option offencively but their best defencive option overall. however i warn you it was jersey. How good is he? Who knows. Due to torontos weak right side D he by default becomes the leafs 1RHD. He may not be flashy but the leafs don't need that. Reilly finally gets a Pittsburgh version of Hainsey but with a right shot. I think this would be a great pair. Reilly doesn't need a stud he proved that with old hainsey. he just needs a defensive partner who he trusts so he can play his 70 point season type of game.

Is the 5 given up a steep price. well yes definetly. However, this deal basically gains 3.4 in cap space this year. after engvalls raise and dermotts new contract around 3 million at the least they gain 7 million in this deal for 2020-21.

I love this deal. Yes its a bit much but severson has more term than grabner had and is what leafs essentially need. got to make it appealing for jersey and this does it.
Maybe add Hall in deal just to get 8 years out of him to get thst price closer to 8.5 per.

On a side note i'd perfer younger galchenyuk over brassard but both can move up and down lineup in any forward position when needed so good choice on either

Overall i'm so on board with this move. Great idea

Yes long explanation but with hall and severson addition this trade is a winner for me. Dubas type moves. Very well done and i truely hope this type of thing happens.

PS. isn't everything hypothetical on this site? LOL.

17 May 2020 02:12:12
Sorry dude, but your math does not jive. try running that scenario through cap friendly and you will be over the cap by -5,291,

17 May 2020 02:12:45
sorry. -5,291,866.

17 May 2020 03:44:37
Oh whoops ya that was a mistake on Severson lol I meant to put 7.08 but it still fits in pretty sure.

17 May 2020 04:15:55
Also I think the leafs would trade Jake Muzzin before letting Reilly go.

17 May 2020 04:37:01
Also Loxley I have no idea how to use cap friendly what’s the difference between it and a normal calculator like I literally just used the cap hits of each player and added them up, is there something wrong with that?

17 May 2020 04:50:31
Muzzin is vastly cheaper option at LHD than Reilly will be. Reilly will probably want at least 10.

17 May 2020 23:19:47
Themostleaf33.well use your calculator again and you will see your mistake. on the 2nd line you are about 4mil off on that line. that is your biggest mistake in the count. you really should try to figure out cap friendly. it's lots of fun and very accurate.



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