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11 Jan 2023 18:29:11
It seems a few like the idea of getting both McBain and Bjugstad. I have been on about McBain for a while and Rsears has been pumping Bjugstad's tires this year. Seems like some thought my last proposal for the two was light, so how is this?

Engvall $2.25M
Robertson $.787M
2023 1st

McBain $.834M
Bjugstad $.900M

I would then look to move Kerfoot as well.

Arz gets more than previous. I think Engvall and Bjugstad pretty much cancel each other out. Arz can still flip Engvall. Robertson could become a goal scorer for them and at an age they should prefer. The 1st will be a late one, so a bit of a wild card, but still holds good value.

For the Leafs, it is alot to pay, but I think worth it. They save a little cap space. Bjugstad takes Engvall's spot on the third line with Kampf and Jarnkrok. McBain moves up to play with Tavares and Marner. 1st line stays intact and the 4th line of Holmberg, ZAR and Hunt remains the same. Slot in McMann etc as needed.

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11 Jan 2023 18:39:00
Add to this deal the one for Kerfoot.

Kerfoot $3.5M

Smith $.750M
Prokop ELC

Nash improves their top 9 for a 4th liner on an expiring contract and a B+ D prospect.
Leafs get some depth toughness and a good RD prospect in the system.

11 Jan 2023 20:48:57
I like it. but dunno about McBain on 2nd line. where does he play now? again this is how my last deal exploded. i i would rather add Knies for Crouse and play him on 2nd line. bigger and heavier than Bunting and is signed for next 5 years @4.3mil. i'd rather have him than pay Bunting 4.5mil to 5mil some predictions are going on. and if we can't sign Bunting we have Crouse. or Maybe Nylander is the guy we can't re-sign and we keep both Bunting and Crouse on LW and then need to search for a RW.

I know everyone is drinking the Kool Aid on Knies. but who knows what he will really be. Leafs seem to mis-use their rookies. Crouse is a proven NHL'er.

11 Jan 2023 22:02:49
Loxley. With Crouse just resigning, the cost would be ridiculous which is why I leave him out. McBain is 3rd line C basically. Just my opinion he can play 2LW. If he can't, put Jarnkrok back in that spot. Jarnkrok is who I wanted there from the start anyway. McMann was my long shot to make the team out of camp, so interested to see him tonight. Hopefully he plays with confidence because he didn't in pre-season. He could be another real find. imo.

11 Jan 2023 23:22:46
I certainly did NOT think you were light on the last McBain Bjugstad deal so I can’t get behind this one, especially in combo with the Kerfoot deal.

Our PK will take a big hit despite the fact Bjugstad does PK with Arizona.

I do like Prokop, big young RD, who plays a good 2-way game.

Those that feel you underpaid I would strongly question.

12 Jan 2023 01:02:23
Engvall and Robertson with a 2nd round pick for McBain and Bjugstad would be fine.
But McBain & Bjugstad are both bottom 6 players and definitely do not justify a 1st round pick!

It seems beyond excessive!

12 Jan 2023 02:09:36
Rsears and WB49. Maybe you two should have spoke up on the original proposal then. lol.

12 Jan 2023 02:13:00
Why add the first is my question mcbain is a decent player but I’d still say they are both bottom six player.

12 Jan 2023 04:39:58
@RLF. fair enough. then i guess it's back to Meier. lol.

12 Jan 2023 19:51:26
You’re right.! n a boardroom session you would have heard my approval.

I don’t always comment.

For the record I think a 2nd pick with Engval and Robertson is also an overpay!



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