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22 Oct 2023 00:28:44
What a mess

Leafs have been gutted by Trevliving

Leafs trade Domi

L.A. 2nd or 3 rd

Leafs must put Bertuzzi third line. This team has 2 lines and Bertuzzi is doing nothing on line 1

Robertson Matthews Marner
Knies Tavares Nylander
Jarnknok Minten/Holmberg Bertuzzi
Domi Kampf Gregor

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22 Oct 2023 03:45:48
What did Tree do exactly? Lmao. He just got here.

He let Kerfoot and Holl walk. You think the team is 82-0 with them?

22 Oct 2023 13:33:29
Rather kerfoot than domi.

22 Oct 2023 13:48:04
Domj is not here to replace Kerfoot, he is here for playoffs where the leafs are softer then 10 ply.

22 Oct 2023 15:39:08
@Bob1965. Kerfoot has done nothing in Arizona. He is getting almost 15 mins a night and has 0 points in 5 games and a whole 4 hits and his cap hit is 500K more than Domi's and another year on his contract.

22 Oct 2023 16:01:31
So pay domi 3 million to suck for 82 games for what he might do in the playoffs?

22 Oct 2023 16:15:26
I have never wanted the Leafs to get Domi. I have said that all along. You mentioned Kerfoot over Domi. I would rather pay less for Domi and his intangibles for what will likely be similar regular season points to what Kerfoot would have put up and gamble on what Domi would bring in the playoffs over what I already know Kerfoot won't bring.

22 Oct 2023 18:26:09
Domi over Kerfoot, but I'd also rather have a cardboard cutout of Doug Gilmour on the top line than watch Kerfoot there ever again.

23 Oct 2023 01:46:51
What has Treliving done?

1)Signed Kampf: $2.45 x 4 years to be Leafs 3rd/ 4th line center while generating zero offense. ?
2)Signed Klingberg: $4.5 when Leafs greatest need was a defenseman who could defend not produce offense. Could have signed Dumba. ?
3) Signed 36 year old Reaves: $1.35 x 3 years. Reaves is playing 5:00 - 6:00 ineffective minutes per night? ?
4) Signed Bertuzzi: $5.5 who has done little to nothing in the first 5 games. Could have signed Duchene for $3 to play LW with either Matthews or Tavares ?
5) Failed to upgrade an already very weak defense ?
6) I have been reading that Treliving is talking to St Louis about 30 year old, declining defenseman Parayko, $6.5 x 6 more years, with Nylander going back the other way. That would go down as easily the worst trade in Maple Leaf history. ?
7) Has the Leafs hard up against the cap while only being able to run a 20 man roster hamstringing Keefe’s ability to make adjustments. ?

All this in his first 90 days on the job as Leafs GM.
It does not generate a lot of confidence in the future of the franchise under Treliving’s guidance.

23 Oct 2023 03:00:20
Kerfoot is a solid third line guy who kills penalties. Domi is neither. Not kefroots fault that Keefe tried him on the first line where he didn’t belong. Domi could not play there either.

23 Oct 2023 05:46:44
@Bob he kills penalties poorly. He's a 4th line player that should be making 1.5

@WB He didn't want Klingberg as his first choice. I have a very hard time when anyone says "Just get this guy instead". You and I have no idea whether Dumba was willing to come or not.

We all wanted Bertuzzi. I can't fault the guy for wanting a power forward in the top 6.

23 Oct 2023 12:38:36

I saw your response below to me about Treliving, so I will just respond here.

Context matters I'm sure you will agree.

As far as Murray goes, he was the backup by end of playoffs, so HE felt he could go. It's not like things got worse for him physically over the summer. Murray could have had the surgery right after last season ended making him eligible to come back mid-season or elected to continue with treatment and not have surgery. Not only did Treliving get him to have the surgery, but he got him to hold off right until necessary so that the Leafs could maximize his LTIR.

As for the signings. Lets remember it was a poor UFA pool this year. All teams were overpaying for average players because that's all there was. The fact that Tree got them all to sign 1 year deals is actually quite remarkable. Especially considering guys like Kerfoot got 2 years at $3.5M and the aging Schenn got 3 years at $2.75M. Anaheim gave the 34 year old Killorn 4 years at $6.25M. O'Reilly, who I believe is a guy you complaned the Leafs trade for got 4 years at $4.5M. Erik Johnson got $3.25M from Buffalo. Treliving made sure the Leafs aren't stuck with anyone long term.

Also, every one screamed the Leafs are too soft. They get pushed around. They lose too many battles. They disappear when the game gets physical and tough. So he goes and signs arguably the toughest guy in the League in Reaves. He brings in Bertuzzi and Domi. He gives Gregor a PTO and then signs him. He addressed the lack of toughness. People still complain.

Leafs have been one of the worst teams in the League for goals from the D. He gets Klingberg to hopefully address that. I always find it contradictory when someone says they shouldn't have signed Klingberg because we needed more physicality on the backend and then also says they shouldn't have signed Reaves, Bertuzzi and Domi and should have signed softer players like Duschene or Tatar.

Dumba wasn't signed until later by Arizona because he was asking for too much and eventually signed for only $3.9M for one year because his options ran out. It's possible Treliving inquired earlier on, and the price was too high so he went to option whatever and signed Klingberg.

Samsonov. By all accounts Samsonov was asking in the $5M range and comparables put him in that money category. Tree held his ground and went to Arbitration. Got Sammy for probably much closer to what the Leafs were willing to pay than Sammy wanted. And more importantly, another 1 year deal instead of being locked in to multiple years at likely $4m+. Looks like a pretty smart move by Tree right now.

Leafs are 3 and 2. On pace for about 98 pts. It's not like they are 0 and 5.



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