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20 Mar 2024 16:55:42
Leafs trade rights to Brodie

Arizona 7 th round pick

We must post trades to appear on board. This is a really dumb one as Brodie walks.

The great news this offseason is Leafs get to finally rebuild defence. All the leafs have going into next season is

Reilly -----
McCabe ------
----- Liljegren

I don't really think Benoit is even a 5 th defencemen. I'm not sure if they sign him for 1 million overv2 seasons or not.

But the Leafs can't possible win a round in playoffs with this defence

Edmonsson and Lyubushkin are both flawed bottom pairing defenders. Neither is worth bringing back just two many holes to fill this offseason 3 defenders and 2 forwards. Leafs are waisting the best years of Matthews Marner Nylander Tavares and Reilly

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20 Mar 2024 17:53:47
Who in their right might would give up anything for a 34 year old UFA?
Especially when they can target him for free in the off season.
Personally, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Brodie decided to hang them up at seasons end. Just have a gut feeling the game doesn't mean as much to him anymore.

20 Mar 2024 20:11:14
Honestly Brodie hasn't looked the same since his dad died. Tough to deal with.

20 Mar 2024 23:37:25
@Jmaxx completely forgot about that. Good point.

21 Mar 2024 00:20:01
Jmaxx. Yea, sometimes we forget the players are human.

21 Mar 2024 01:01:46
The leafs have one positive since Marner injury . They have found a top line

Domi. Matthews Bertuzzi

This is huge heading into playoffs .

McMann Tavares Nylander

Will be great second line that allows you to have Marner on third line

Knies. Holmberg Marner

This will be problematic for teams to shut down three lines or you didn’t like Holmberg on third line it could be

Dom Matthews Bertuzzi
McMann Nylander Robertson
Knies Tavares Marner

I prefer this setup above

Now if toy can fix defence we might stand a chance in playoffs even if it means sitting Brodie.

21 Mar 2024 02:19:27
Brodie’s wife is also suffering from a serious disease.
Can’t remember if it is multiple sclerosis or one of the others but it must be taking a huge toll on him and his family.

21 Mar 2024 11:41:48
WB49. I didn't know that. I thought he had been playing like a guy that has lost confidence, but it could very well be that his personal life has taken a huge toll on the guy.

22 Mar 2024 00:13:38
Brodie made a comment earlier in the season that
"hockey isn't everything "
I'm guessing all that's going on in his life is effecting his play.
Gotta feel for the guy.



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