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25 Mar 2024 18:38:52
What do you guys think for playoff D-pairs?

I'm agreeing with RLF on
#1 pair
Rielly - McCabe
(I think they should run with this pair remainder of season and see where it goes) .

#2 Pair
Edmundson - Liljegren
(Iike Edmundson's physicality & complete, plus he's got playoff experience. A good partner for Liljegren who is being giving the rope to move forward. I hope Lily takes it and runs)

Now I think I'm going to agree with Clarky (no Brodie)
#3 Pair
Benoit - Boosh
(Both tough and will play limited minutes. I think Benoit can move the puck up enough for this pairing, that's my main concern with these 2).

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25 Mar 2024 19:38:25
Tags. These would be my pairs atm right now as well. What I have said Brodie is that if he can get his game together that is a big plus for the Leafs as then it creates more options.

25 Mar 2024 20:05:22
Agreed RLF.
I just think the first 2 pairs should be set as I've stated above and the 3rd pair will be some combination between Benoit, Lyubushkin & Brodie. With a very, very outside shot from Timmins.
Let's see how they play out rest of season.

26 Mar 2024 11:13:28
The leafs did it last year and had success running 11-7 I mean they went out and got bodies back there and moved no one out just makes more sense and also allows the leafs to get there too guys a few extra shifts my pairs would be this.

Benoit mccabe
Reilly boosh
Edmudson Brodie

Again I’ll die on this hill Brodie is a fine player he just needs to be deployed right keefe let’s him sit and they get good performance but then messes up the pairs just to get Brodie into the top 4 Brodie played his best hockey this year with liljgren and edmudson has looked good with liljgren so I’d play those three together and let the other two pairs that we have seen work do there thing.

26 Mar 2024 14:20:46
I don't think they go 11-7 this year. The top forwards especially looked gassed in the 2nd round. Keefe seems to be waking up to playing more balanced minutes.

27 Mar 2024 03:13:41
Reilly - Liljegren
Edmundson - McCabe
Benoit - Lyubushkin
Giordano - Brodie - Timmins.

28 Mar 2024 01:34:41
Why not Edmundson - Timmins, just to be different. I think liljigren gets traded this off season.



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