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26 Mar 2024 14:08:04
Big issue I see with the Flames is a lack of scoring. I am going to make a suggestion that the Flames and Treliving will put differences aside(should there be any) and Robertson goes there this summer.

Robertson RFA

2024 2nd(Dal)
2024 4th

Calgary picks up a potential scorer and Leafs pick up some much needed draft capital.

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27 Mar 2024 01:15:27
See here you go with ur Robinson trade again

Leafs could fall to seventh

In a way it wouldn’t be so bad you get Rangers instead of Florida.

27 Mar 2024 03:10:33
Since the Leafs (Keefe) seems reluctant to play Robertson a 2nd and a 4th would be fine.

27 Mar 2024 11:51:58

22 years old and you write him off next year he puts up 30 goals . Last night 11.02 ice time was tied for most shots on goal 6 only Gregor and Knies had. Less ice time . He played with Knies and Holmberg . Knies is really struggling but everyone cuts him some slack and Holmberg doesn’t have much of a offensive game.

27 Mar 2024 13:00:03
Oh Mackin you fell into my trap!
See, now the Leafs can trade the 2nd for Evangelista and have a 4th as well that they didn't have by keeping Robertson. Hehehe.

27 Mar 2024 17:14:27
Robertson is not an NHL player. AHL all star.

28 Mar 2024 01:28:54
Need Robertson to up his value as much as possible and use him to bring in a solid top pairing right shot defenseman.

29 Mar 2024 01:32:55
David 1 Mac

If you reread my post you will find I am not writing off Robertson or anything of the kind.
I said, “since Keefe seems reluctant to play him”

If the coach will only play a player 10:00 - 11:00 minutes per game, it doesn’t matter how good he might become.

If Leafs are intent on resigning Bertuzzi and already having Knies and McMann as left wings, there does not seem to be much room for Robertson to receive increased ice time next year either.

Robertson and a 2026 - 2nd round pick to San Jose for Ferraro and Kunin would bolster the Leafs defense and 4th line with the impending departure of Brodie and Giordano.

29 Mar 2024 20:11:44
David, Robertson is done as a Leaf.
He will be moved this off season, so pick another favorite, maybe Matthew Barbolini.



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