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01 Apr 2024 01:00:53
Buffalo trade Perturka
Leafs trade Robertson

Perturka I may have spelling wrong I can't double Cheak it. He presently plays on the sabres top line. Now if Robertson had Marner on his line I'm sure Robertson blows by Perturka numbers

RLF this season because Robertson being waiver exempt he hasn't had the greatest opportunity but his AHL days are now over and next year he is going to get much better chance to succeed.

McMann Robertson and Holmberg have graduated and Kampf and Jarnknok are getting traded so a third round pick comes back.

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01 Apr 2024 03:58:46
I don’t expect the leafs to go very far in playoffs but they could go all the way. It depends how the big boys do at playoff time

I’m more interested as to who they sign as the season ends. What’s there plans for Bertuzzi and Domi will they take less to get up to a 5 year deal . In Bertuzzi case he has to take a lot less $3.5 million but again I give him 5 years

It todays NHL the stars are going to get paid but Bertuzzi and Domi are only supporting players. Leafs are taking big chance investing in these two so they must take less Domi $2.5 million on 3 or 4 year deal.

The bonus for them is they get to play with Matthews . Austin can carry both of them as Marner can carry Robertson and Holmberg . Tavares gets Nylander and McMann

To me that’s three lines that can score . Marner just feeding Robertson as he did to Matthews would be great to see

But not to worry if this blows up in April or early may Trevliving is much better equipped to make this team 25 points better next year. Top 6 forward and 2 defencemen three goalies Woll Jones Hiildeby.

01 Apr 2024 04:31:52
Off topic here in NBA draft do you think raptors should draft Edey

Clingam is rated at 13 and the best I see for Eday is 18 and as low as 44

This kid would need double teaming and open up raptor shooters

Thoughts on Edey ?

01 Apr 2024 05:30:16
Peterka: 26g, 20a, 46pts, +10
6’0”, 189lbs

I don’t think Buffalo is trading him For Robertson!

01 Apr 2024 12:21:36
Not getting Peterka for Robertson. I had Peterka in many props in the past before he made the Sabres last year and no one really wanted him back then. Not getting him now.

01 Apr 2024 18:21:22
I liked how Mackin worded that "I don't think they'll make it far, but they might win the cup"

In a few months weathermackin will set a trap and tell us he was right lol.

01 Apr 2024 19:16:50
Think he’s saying there is a slight chance.

01 Apr 2024 20:10:17
Yes, the weatherman is known for saying there is a slight chance. Slight chance of rain. Slight chance of snow. Slightly windy. Slight chance of a Cup. etc etc.

03 Apr 2024 15:23:53
But Robertson 35 goals.
If he this and that.



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