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09 Sep 2020 19:02:49
Islanders - Maple Leafs

Mitch Marner, Travis Dermott and Timothy Lilejgren to the Islanders for Matthew Barzal and Ryan Pulock

Maple Leafs sign Matthew Barzal to a 5 year 45 million dollar contract

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09 Sep 2020 19:41:36
I don't think nyi do this.

09 Sep 2020 19:45:42
Sorry dude it’s going to cost Matthews if you want Barzal.

10 Sep 2020 00:05:53
Barzal is a really good player, but to say he and Matthews are at the same level. No words.

10 Sep 2020 00:09:12
I don't think it costs Mathews. Barzal is a good player but isn't Mathews lol.

10 Sep 2020 00:37:31
Hahahaha cost Matthews to get Barzal lol had to laugh.

10 Sep 2020 02:54:52
I would tend to agree with MostLeaf here. If they are trading their 1C, they would need a replacement coming back. I can’t see it being Tavares. So would have to be Matthews.

10 Sep 2020 07:28:48
Mathews has to be worth Barzal++ I can't see that being a straight one for one. Mathews is 100% the better player as is.

10 Sep 2020 20:35:18
LeafsLife. straight one for one Matthews is worth more but in this case we are also getting Pulock so a much better D (right side as well) than Dermott and Liljegren who has yet to prove himself. now with that if i included Matthews i would also ask for Beauvilier.



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