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16 Jan 2023 20:29:26
bennet is one of my top 3 targets with meier and shenn being the other 2. you need to use lost cost waiver exempt players/ picks to pry bennet out. now origionally florida paid a 2nd to get him. so that's a start. if I can t get the cheaper shenn id start looking at gudas as the plan B.

Bennet, Gudas

holl, Robertson, '24 2nd round, 23' 5th

holl is essentially a fill in for gudas for the rest of the season as the leafs need to free up the contract space. aquiring bennet makes kerfoot expendable.

tor: Kerfoot
Sea: 3rd

seattle gives up a draft pick and gets a versatile healthy depths piece.

now onto the main event:

Tor: Knies, '23 1st, 2x '23 3rd (Tor, Ott)

SJ: Meier, '23 2nd

Bunting Matthews Nylander
Meier Tavares Marner
Bennet Kampf Jarnkrok
Hunt Engvall Zar

Holmberg, McMann

Reilly - Brodie
Giordano - Gudas
Sandin - liljgren

Benn, timmins

we have some decent peices on the outside looking in, I didnt mention simmonds, if he doesnt get dealt by the deadline he should be burried in the minors and begin his retirement plans.

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16 Jan 2023 23:10:04
Forgot to mention, 50% on meier.

16 Jan 2023 23:24:39
Can't see Florida doing that.
Seattle doesn't have the cap space for Kerfoot without sending any out.
SJ. Maybe. But I think they are removing their 2nd as the 1st Toronto gives makes it like trading down for Toronto. So it is really Knies, SJ moves up 5-10 spots in the draft, plus two 3rd rounders.

17 Jan 2023 00:28:13
Doesn’t fit with adding Meier!

17 Jan 2023 02:45:30
You aren't even close on that Bennet deal.

17 Jan 2023 03:01:00
Actually Florida sent Calgary a 2nd round pick and a prospect who had been a 2nd round pick in 2020 (the previous draft) .
So effectively the cost was two second round picks.

Also FlorIda is not interested in taking back players/ contracts as they need to open cap space to bring Anthony Duclair back off of IR.

A Bennett acquisition.

Florida sends Bennett to Arizona.
Toronto sends Florida Nick Robertson plus their own 3rd in 2023.
Leafs then send Kerfoot ($3.5) and Ottawa’s 2023 - 3rd round pick to Arizona in exchange for Bennett ($4.4).
Arizona takes back the $900,000 difference between Bennett’s contract ($4.4) and Kerfoot’s contract ($3.5).

Bennett has two more years on his contract so the cost to Arizona is ($1.8).
Kerfoot is an expiring contract.
His cap hit is $3.5 but all of that, except $750,000 had been paid prior to the season.
Half the season is over so Kerfoot is only owed $375,000 for the balance of the season.
Total cost to Arizona is $1.8 + $375,000 = $2.175

Timo Meier is my favorite acquisition and a 1st plus two 3rds in 2023 doesn’t bother me too much, if he can be resigned (qualifying offer of $10 million is required)
What is troubling is the likelihood that the Leafs can not resign him and that he walks along with our 1st and two 3rds.
After giving up a 1st for Nick Foligno I couldn’t bear to see three more picks simply disappear.

17 Jan 2023 09:16:58
Honestly I don’t get why the leafs would trade such a player like knies he’s exactly what they have needed for some time and he’s controllable. Like LL said not close on Florida deal Robertson with his latest injury is almost a non tradable asset until he can prove that he can stay healthy.

17 Jan 2023 09:57:17
So the fla, trade, Robertson is a co trolllable asset waiver exempt with cost controll for 5 more seasons. Florida wants to open up cap space. This opens up 5 in total as gudas makes 500k more than holl. Add in 2 picks and fla will likely be pleased.

Seattle has room to add 3.5m so that was the biggest stretch of the deals.

As for meier. The deal is based on him being a rental because no team in the right mind would qualify him @10m. Now mind you the leafs could attempt to resign him for cheaper. So the standard package is a 1st and a top prospect.

17 Jan 2023 12:04:01
I said this before. That deal makes no sense!
You cannot trade something you don’t have.
What is Arizona sending to FL for Bennett.
What does Toronto get from FL for Robertson and a 3rd?

The deal doesn’t work because FL would not give up Bennett for Robertson and a 3rd straight up which what your deal finishes with for FL.

If FL did this deal Toronto could then send Kerfoot to Arizona plus an3rd and get any one of these three: Bjugstad, Fischer or possibly McBain. A much better situation all around.

And you complain about Dubas!

17 Jan 2023 13:26:06
It doesn't matter what Fla paid for Bennett. When they got him, he was an underutilized player toiling between the 3rd and 4th line putting up 15-25 pts per season and being made into a defensive player. In Fla he is a second line centre putting up 50 pts a season making only $4.425 as a second line centre signed for two more seasons. They aren't giving him away because they need cap space. They will pay someone to take Bobrovsky (if he will agree to waive) before giving away a top 6 player.

As per Capfriendly, Seattle only has $1.7M in cap space at the moment. Not sure why you think they have the room Hrenklin.

Unless it is a sign and trade for Meier. I wouldn't be interested. And that sign and trade better be about 8X$8M at the most. As I said months ago, Meier's qualifying being $10M makes him a risky acquisition especially for the Leafs because of the contracts Dubas has shown he is willing to hand out. Why would Meier take a discount if he performs in Toronto when the other young stars (Nylander, Marner, Matthews) did not.

17 Jan 2023 21:56:02
Not sure if your “it doesn’t matter what FL paid for Bennett” was for me or not?

Which of course you’re correct BUT that is not what I said!

WB’s trade does not work. You can trade something you don’t have is my point.

18 Jan 2023 00:57:07
Rsears. Relax. My comment was not for you. Nor did I say it was. WB corrected what Hrenklin said Florida got Bennett for. I was saying to everyone reading that it doesn't matter. None of my comments were for you.

18 Jan 2023 13:33:11
Thx for response.
I wasn’t sure but felt the need to clarify.



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