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02 Nov 2023 23:22:06
Marchand just broke the ankle of Lilgegren cheapshop artist

Leaf's Bertuzzi Domi

Detroit Holl and 2nd 23

How many games are we going to give

Bertuzzi and Domi ?

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03 Nov 2023 01:15:44
Lmao. I always liked Holl and thought he was really overcriticized.

That said, I wouldn't have given him that contract, nor would I bring him back now hoping he's a top4 D. He just isnt. He's an excellent bottom pairing, PK D.

03 Nov 2023 01:36:46
You can't be a 6 forward player team with a goalie. the leafs can't play Reilly 30 min Matthews and Marner 25 Giordano 21 Brodie 28 and Nylander 20min. These players are going to get hurt

Bertuzzi and Domi any suggestions?

03 Nov 2023 02:00:34

what do you do with the lines Bertuzzi got 11min of ice time. Keefe sees what we see and do you call up Niemela?

03 Nov 2023 02:35:21
And as usual …. Not a single leaf player went after Marchand afterwards…. so much for all that grit they brought in.

03 Nov 2023 03:37:51
@DM I like Benoit. I give him a shot. I don't think he's a stud, but he's worth giving a game or two and seeing how he is, then move to Topi.

I have no idea what I'd do with lines. Bertuzzi, Domi, and Marner have been brutal. I know Marner is getting points, but I haven't liked his game at all.

If Bertuzzi is hurt, put him on LTIR for as long as it takes. I don't care about regular season much.

03 Nov 2023 10:57:22
I thought we all hated Holl, now we're trading for him. Don't need him at that cap hit.

03 Nov 2023 11:29:49
I didn't mind Holl. I know many couldn't wait to get rid of him, but I don't want him back. As far as Domi and Bertuzzi goes, I think Domi has slowly been getting better. Bertuzzi does look lost. They aren't likely going anywhere, so I would get used to them being here. Bert needs to get more involved. He is just "there". He makes some nice plays, but looks lost on where to go, where to be etc. The saving grace is that neither are likely to get worse and more likely to get better.

03 Nov 2023 12:02:57
Typical leafs “effort”…. Klingberg couldn’t decide who to cover on the first goal, so he took neither. Marner makes zero effort to back check on the second goal. Marchand injures one of your guys with a dirty hit and NO ONE does anything about it. Domi is invisible. Bertuzzi gets benched after he can’t carry out the “simple game plan” Keefe says he was given. Reaves is useless as usual. But Keefe says they played hard and they’ll take the point.

Problem is there’s nothing they can do with any of the four free agent signings…. they are stuck with them.

03 Nov 2023 12:25:06
Bertuzzi should of gotten involved with Marchand after that play. Good way to get in good with your new team.

03 Nov 2023 13:30:20
Everyone on the ice at the time should’ve went at him!

03 Nov 2023 13:49:41
Yes the response was beyond belief! Even that of Keefe not sending out Reaves.

It was an intentional can-opener by Marchand and YES Elliott he should be suspended. Precedent is not necessary for a suspension. Marchand is a very skilled dirty player and fully knew what he was doing. Did he intend to injure? Doesn’t matter! He did intentionally put his stick there and as a result NEEDS to be held accountable.

Really a lot going wrong now! The team is NOT a true SC contender and sorry folks might not even make the playoffs.

Too many teams have improved this year: Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal and Buffalo! Despite loss of key players Tampa and Boston, because of their coaching and culture, remain contenders.

Toronto players don’t understand that word culture and Keefe has not yet proven his ability to command/ demand consistent performance and willingness to do whatever it takes to win and play for each other.

03 Nov 2023 14:44:52
I agree that Keefe needs to go. I’ve said that for weeks. Domi or Bertuzzi could’ve been told to go get Marchand…. not that they should’ve needed to be told. And yes they will be fighting for a wild card spot if things don’t change soon. All of the free agent signings have failed . Literally just give them away at this point.

03 Nov 2023 19:16:53
The Rat wouldn't agree to fight Reaves. It was their captain who did it, so our captain should of challenged him. Set the tone for the team.

04 Nov 2023 00:37:06
Wouldn’t that be to humorous.
Leafs trading for Justin Holl.
With Bertuzzi ending up back in Detroit!



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