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09 Mar 2024 01:23:26
There u have it nothing changes for Brad why expect anything new

1.Glencross Baertschi for2nd 2nd 3rd

2.Grandlund,hudler,Russell,jones for backstrom(goalie) 2 prospects 2nd 2nd 4th 6th

3.2nd 3rd 5th prospect for stone(50%) Lazar

4.7th for Nick shore

5.4th for fantenberg

6.3rd 4th davidson for Gustafson,forbort(25%)

7.Rittich(50%)bennett 6th for heineman 2nd 3rd

8.1st 2nd 3rd 5th 5th 7th ,pitlick ,heineman for toffoli jankrok(50%) carpenter

9.BRitchie mackey zahorny for hunt nritchie stecher Rubins

9 years 21 deadline trades total
Overall differance
1 player 1st 3rd 4th 3 5ths 7th out 1 prospect 3 2nds in and a 1.75 cap

Comparing the picks he gave away 1F 2D 2G
Alex formenton Stuart skinner admits schmid
Tyler angle Wyatt Kaiser 133gms 24g23a 47p
152gms 79w2.73gaa
Picks he picked 1F 3D
Jeremy Lauzon Rasmussen Anderson
Dillon dube Matthew Phillip
1023gms 107g 262a 369 pts

So u decide
This deadline
4 trades

Giving up
3rd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 6th Ovchnikkov
Picking up
Lybushkin(75%) edmundston(50%)dewar
Slepets,Webber 2.362 million added

3 NHL players

As of right now 1 too many players at 24 so either waive a goalie or Knies goes down to minors till another injury

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09 Mar 2024 03:48:57
Brad screwed the team back in offseason

Leafs will have lots of money offseason



Incoming names to look at

Patrick Kane mistake not offering more than Detroit this year
Jake DeBusk

I target those 4 guys. Now if we get turned down we still look these type of players



This team can easily have 3 deadly lines and doled defence and it’s the reason they didn’t trade next wave of players


09 Mar 2024 04:31:42
@DM how did he screw them? Tree has done almost nothing so far.

Everyone keeps crapping on the guy, but he really hasn't done anything.

If you want to still be in love with Dubas (lmao), then go for it.

Maybe they could have traded picks and prospects for Smith, Karlsson and missed the playoffs.

At least give the guy a chance.

I never liked Dubas as GM, but I was always willing to give him a chance.

09 Mar 2024 09:09:17

Come on man anyway you slice it Domi and Bertuzzi were not going to score goals. Now both drop the gloves. both answer the bell b4 Reaves most times. The Leafs need the snot or pushback whatever you want to call it so that part was ok. But the scoring is no where to be found so you have only 4 forwards scoring at high enough rate


Now Tavares is slowing down but he still scores goals he has 19 so far. After those four there is almost nothing up front

Bertuzzi 12
Knies 11
Jarnknok 10
McMann 9
Robertson 8
Domi. 7
Kampf. 5
Holmberg 3

That’s 75 goals coming from 8 players. O, ’Reilly has 23 in Nashville and earns less than Bertuzzi plus somehow Treliving blew a tire on P Kane who has 13 goals in 32 games. So really Treliving has been awful so far and he needs 3 scorers like O’ Reilly next season if I am Treliving I’m going full out on KANE plus a few other scoring forwards. Leafs will get more goals out of McMann Knies and Robertson as two of them will add the year in age which will make big difference.

I do like he kept all his assets maybe Cowan makes Leafs next season his London numbers are very similar to Marner so he maybe ready at 19 as Marner was. Leafs will be better next year but if Treliving signs right 4 or 5 guys it could push Toronto over the top.

09 Mar 2024 13:24:26
Brad has been cleaning up Dubas' mess he left behind. He builds a great team for the regular season, but refuses to adress the needs for playoff type hockey. Brad gets it, bringing in big bodied defenceman, while not mortgaging the future. Just look at past winners, Vegas, Tampa. All have a huge D-Core, to move people from in front of the net and win the order battles. I look forward to what he does this off-season.

09 Mar 2024 14:24:35
A change from what Dubas did I am happy with. Building in the off-season a more playoff style team so that it costs no assets is smart management imo.

O'Rielly has 23 goals because he is their #1 centre playing with Forsberg. Nashville only has 62 goals from their 8 scorers. Vegas because of trades is harder to figure, but they are around 70 from their bottom 8. Florida 85. Boston 75. Colorado 70. Not sure what your point is that the Leafs bottom 8 scorers have 75 goals. It's not like it is well below the best teams or anything.

09 Mar 2024 18:23:52
It was All Dubas that screwed the Leafs!

It started with Matthews, then Marner and then Willy.
Not having enough experience to tell these Bank Robbers that you have to earn the money.

These millenials and their adjents screwed that Dumb ass Dubas to high overpaid contracts.
They are all soft players who won't hit and hate to get hit.
This screwed us on defense and now Trevling will fix our defense using UFAs and Tavares and Marner contracts will be game changers after next year.

We all know Marner will want $12.5 million for 8yrs with a no trade.
I say no way!
Trade him and get Two solid players for 5-6 million each plus a Top pick.

Traverse can take a 2yr deal at 3 million or piss off!
Now more money to create a balanced lineup.

09 Mar 2024 22:36:48
When you're paying 4 forwards a combined 47 million, you can't say "outside of those 4 guys" if they all took less money then this would be a different story. As is though, it just doesn't work like that.

You think if Nurse, Mcdavid, RNH and Drais all had a bad season EDM would be fine? Or if Mackinnon and Makar were out for am entire season, the avs are fine? Of course not.

Dubas chose to pay these guys that much and this is what happens when that's your plan. Those guys need to be near the top of the league in every category to win anything.

10 Mar 2024 01:57:15
Even worse is Treliving’s record for signing and overpaying free agents with far too much term!



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