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09 Mar 2024 01:23:26
There u have it nothing changes for Brad why expect anything new

1.Glencross Baertschi for2nd 2nd 3rd

2.Grandlund,hudler,Russell,jones for backstrom(goalie) 2 prospects 2nd 2nd 4th 6th

3.2nd 3rd 5th prospect for stone(50%) Lazar

4.7th for Nick shore

5.4th for fantenberg

6.3rd 4th davidson for Gustafson,forbort(25%)

7.Rittich(50%)bennett 6th for heineman 2nd 3rd

8.1st 2nd 3rd 5th 5th 7th ,pitlick ,heineman for toffoli jankrok(50%) carpenter

9.BRitchie mackey zahorny for hunt nritchie stecher Rubins

9 years 21 deadline trades total
Overall differance
1 player 1st 3rd 4th 3 5ths 7th out 1 prospect 3 2nds in and a 1.75 cap

Comparing the picks he gave away 1F 2D 2G
Alex formenton Stuart skinner admits schmid
Tyler angle Wyatt Kaiser 133gms 24g23a 47p
152gms 79w2.73gaa
Picks he picked 1F 3D
Jeremy Lauzon Rasmussen Anderson
Dillon dube Matthew Phillip
1023gms 107g 262a 369 pts

So u decide
This deadline
4 trades

Giving up
3rd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 6th Ovchnikkov
Picking up
Lybushkin(75%) edmundston(50%)dewar
Slepets,Webber 2.362 million added

3 NHL players

As of right now 1 too many players at 24 so either waive a goalie or Knies goes down to minors till another injury

Identify as a Teenage boy

1.) 09 Mar 2024 03:48:57
Brad screwed the team back in offseason

Leafs will have lots of money offseason



Incoming names to look at

Patrick Kane mistake not offering more than Detroit this year
Jake DeBusk

I target those 4 guys. Now if we get turned down we still look these type of players



This team can easily have 3 deadly lines and doled defence and it’s the reason they didn’t trade next wave of players


2.) 09 Mar 2024 04:31:42
@DM how did he screw them? Tree has done almost nothing so far.

Everyone keeps crapping on the guy, but he really hasn't done anything.

If you want to still be in love with Dubas (lmao), then go for it.

Maybe they could have traded picks and prospects for Smith, Karlsson and missed the playoffs.

At least give the guy a chance.

I never liked Dubas as GM, but I was always willing to give him a chance.

3.) 09 Mar 2024 09:09:17

Come on man anyway you slice it Domi and Bertuzzi were not going to score goals. Now both drop the gloves. both answer the bell b4 Reaves most times. The Leafs need the snot or pushback whatever you want to call it so that part was ok. But the scoring is no where to be found so you have only 4 forwards scoring at high enough rate


Now Tavares is slowing down but he still scores goals he has 19 so far. After those four there is almost nothing up front

Bertuzzi 12
Knies 11
Jarnknok 10
McMann 9
Robertson 8
Domi. 7
Kampf. 5
Holmberg 3

That’s 75 goals coming from 8 players. O, ’Reilly has 23 in Nashville and earns less than Bertuzzi plus somehow Treliving blew a tire on P Kane who has 13 goals in 32 games. So really Treliving has been awful so far and he needs 3 scorers like O’ Reilly next season if I am Treliving I’m going full out on KANE plus a few other scoring forwards. Leafs will get more goals out of McMann Knies and Robertson as two of them will add the year in age which will make big difference.

I do like he kept all his assets maybe Cowan makes Leafs next season his London numbers are very similar to Marner so he maybe ready at 19 as Marner was. Leafs will be better next year but if Treliving signs right 4 or 5 guys it could push Toronto over the top.

4.) 09 Mar 2024 13:24:26
Brad has been cleaning up Dubas' mess he left behind. He builds a great team for the regular season, but refuses to adress the needs for playoff type hockey. Brad gets it, bringing in big bodied defenceman, while not mortgaging the future. Just look at past winners, Vegas, Tampa. All have a huge D-Core, to move people from in front of the net and win the order battles. I look forward to what he does this off-season.

5.) 09 Mar 2024 14:24:35
A change from what Dubas did I am happy with. Building in the off-season a more playoff style team so that it costs no assets is smart management imo.

O'Rielly has 23 goals because he is their #1 centre playing with Forsberg. Nashville only has 62 goals from their 8 scorers. Vegas because of trades is harder to figure, but they are around 70 from their bottom 8. Florida 85. Boston 75. Colorado 70. Not sure what your point is that the Leafs bottom 8 scorers have 75 goals. It's not like it is well below the best teams or anything.

6.) 09 Mar 2024 18:23:52
It was All Dubas that screwed the Leafs!

It started with Matthews, then Marner and then Willy.
Not having enough experience to tell these Bank Robbers that you have to earn the money.

These millenials and their adjents screwed that Dumb ass Dubas to high overpaid contracts.
They are all soft players who won't hit and hate to get hit.
This screwed us on defense and now Trevling will fix our defense using UFAs and Tavares and Marner contracts will be game changers after next year.

We all know Marner will want $12.5 million for 8yrs with a no trade.
I say no way!
Trade him and get Two solid players for 5-6 million each plus a Top pick.

Traverse can take a 2yr deal at 3 million or piss off!
Now more money to create a balanced lineup.

7.) 09 Mar 2024 22:36:48
When you're paying 4 forwards a combined 47 million, you can't say "outside of those 4 guys" if they all took less money then this would be a different story. As is though, it just doesn't work like that.

You think if Nurse, Mcdavid, RNH and Drais all had a bad season EDM would be fine? Or if Mackinnon and Makar were out for am entire season, the avs are fine? Of course not.

Dubas chose to pay these guys that much and this is what happens when that's your plan. Those guys need to be near the top of the league in every category to win anything.

8.) 10 Mar 2024 01:57:15
Even worse is Treliving’s record for signing and overpaying free agents with far too much term!



08 Mar 2024 14:23:35
To tor
Pacioretty(1 million retain wash)

To wash

Leafs at 49 roster spots Washington at 42
Minimal cap differance after trade
Same thought as when leafs dealt 5 players to islanders for grabner on sept 17 2015. Let's just hope one of these guys don't pull a verhaeghe. To be fair the islanders dealt verhaeghe to Tampa for a goalie who isn't in nhl anymore on July 1 2017. Funny thing Tampa let him walk by not qualifying him in 2020 so he signed in Florida and rest is his tor

That's 3 teams all in on same mistake

Now if u realized the date leafs made that grabner deal was on Matthews 18th bday making him ineligible for that prior 2015 draft. One year later matthews is a leaf so if u still blame Lou for that trade if leafs didn't do it it's quite possible the season could of had a differant outcome causing keafs not to get 1st pick in that 2016 draft. So get over it

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09 Mar 2024 03:20:07
How did ruhwedel go for a 4th and Colorado convinced aniheim to take Meyer for a 5th when beauvillier went for the same and he is a legit nhl bottom 6 guy unlike these 2 minor league players. There was a reason both guys undrafted. Even younger former 2nd rounder Nikita okhotiuk went for a 5th. Colin miller went for a 4th and he is way better than both those bums

It took the leafs a pretty prospect along with a 4th just to get dewar. If u let teams grab bums for 4th and 5th then the non bums need things added as a sweetener.. oh yeah I forgot that's just Toronto

How could Tampa afford both duclair and dumba for. 6.9 plus retain 1.46 of Henrique. That's 7.36 in nothin out for a team starting the day only 2 million shy of the leafs end up spending 4 more and end up even farther away
Vegas+11 million only to be -1 million from where thry started. Well as long as bettman is happy I guess

And the deal of the day hertl with 5 years of retention at 1.3875 for 6.9375 overall. Karlsson only had 4 years remaining and was retained 1.5 for 6 million total. However differance was Grandlund,rutta,Hoffman,Petry,desmith legare as well as 1st and 2nd to land him. They needed 3 teams to work out about 13 million in contracts to even make it happened.

I mean they aren't amazing but they are nhl players. On top of the that in naming this a deal that favours Vegas they get 2 3rd round picks back as well. I mean if those 3rd went to San Jose ok we r getting closer but they didn't so now it's like u get hertl for cheaper then he is worth and I get rewarded with draft picks, oh yeah and he is hurt right now which voids most deals to begin with.

Identify as a Teenage boy

1.) 09 Mar 2024 04:29:37
Which pretty prospect was given up for Dewar?

They just dumped contracts at a certain point.

2.) 09 Mar 2024 13:00:52
Dmitry Ovchinnikov.

3.) 09 Mar 2024 13:01:46
Perhaps you were being sarcastic?

4.) 09 Mar 2024 21:04:16
@Rsears yes lol.

I'm not worried about Smitry putting up 80pts anytime soon.



09 Mar 2024 02:18:01
Dewar not the biggest guy out there some would say he's undersized but apparently he forgot the memo. The guy averaged only 11 minutes a game and still manages 1.5 hits per game and .6 blocks a game. He takes away pucks 4 times more than giving them away. He's a little pit bull
He has 10 goals and 9 are even strength while. 1 SH. Last year he had 3 shorties. He plays 2 minutes a night on penalty kill

What this tells me is he is quick to his spots and covers opponents good with his high end hockeyIQ. Once he has open ice seems if your name is Connor you just are born with thst extra gear. . Well maybe not if Brown is your last name.

He seems to have it somewhat figured out as his last 6 games he has 3 goals 1assist is +3 and 27-18 on the draw. He even got up to 15minutes of ice time.

If he can figure out how to break his long pointless slumps he'd be more intriguing. He has gone 16and 17 games pointless.

Talking to his old jr coach he is one of his best students and such a hard worker that . He really improved on his skating his final 2 years in jr as the 2017 leaf camp he got invited to really opened his eyes to what needed to be done to get to next level. From that camp on all he goes is eat sleep breath hockey. He's an addict to game film . He loves playing defence as if he does his job he knows it gives times for the big boys to get going.

Knies Matthews marner
Bertuzzi domi nylander
McmannTavares jankrok
Dewar kampf holmgren

Rielly lybushkin
Brodie McCabe
Edmundston liljegren

Still think not enough to beat upgraded Florida or Boston and have doubts theycan beat Tampa. All I can say is I really hope Brad didnt get dumba because he knows he's a hindrance more than a help but if not it's gonna be a short run

Identify as a Teenage boy

1.) 09 Mar 2024 15:12:01
He's not afraid to drop the gloves against bigger opponents (as most are in comparison to him) either. Benoit, Gregor and now Dewar are all fighting for a spot next season as well.
I think Timmins gets moved in the off-season if they don't have to pay to move him. The Leafs would rather have the $1.1M in cap space I would think.



08 Mar 2024 20:39:41
Here's Brad
Offseason deals 3rd for bollig
Deadline deals glenncross,baertschi for 2 2nds and 3rd

RFA cobourn 2 yr extension
UFA Engelland,Raymond,Jonas hiller,Byron,theissen,setogushi,resin Brodie 5yr extension

Draft deals 1st 2 2nds 2 3rds for Hamilton 2nd
Offseason 4th for max reinhart
Deadline deals granlund,hudler,Russell,David jones for goalie backstrom, shinkaruk,2 2nds,4th,6th

RFA Hamilton 6yrs backlund 3yr, bouma 3yr extensions,
UFA Grant,Byron ,Kari rammo, frolik 5 yr giordano 6 yr extensions

Draft deals 2nd for Elliot
Deadline deals 1st,2nd, 3rd,5th for stone(50% retain)lazar

RFA Monahan 7 yr, gaudreau 6 yr, Freddie Hamilton 2 yr extensions, chaisson 1 yr, wotherspoon1 yr,
UFA McCollum 2yrs, Chad Johnson,,versteeg,grossman,vey,brouwer 4 yr extension,

Draft deals Chad Johnson,kanzig,1st, 2 2nds,3rd,6th for smith(25% retain)Hamonic,lack(50% retain)4th,7th
Offseason deals McCollum fir 7th
Deadline deals lack,7thfor prout,shore

RFA ferland 2yr Bennett 2 yr lazar 2 yr extensions,kulak,Hathaway,rittich,gillies,Wotherspoon,
UFA stone 3 yrs,Bartowski 2 yrs,versteeg,jagr

Drafts deals ferland,Hamilton,fox for Lindholm, hanafin,
Offseason deals shinkaruk,kulakfor rychel,Valiev,Taormina
Deadline deal 4th for fantenburg

RFA Lindholm 6 yrs,hanifin 6 yrs, jankiwski 2 yrs Gillies 2 yrs,extensions, kulak, klimchuk,hathaway,Ryder,rittich,
UFA Neal 5 yrs Ryan 3yrs,czarnak 2 yrs,Robinson 2 yrs, prout,quine,peluso,Backlund 6 yr extension,

Offseason deal Neal for lucic(12.5% retained)3rd
Deadline deal frolik,davidson,3rd,4th for forbort,(25% retained)Gustafson ,4th

RFA t tkachuk 3 yr,Bennett 2yr, rittich 2 yr extension,mangiapane,Quine,Valiev,lomberg,Kirkland,
UFA Froese,Talbot,Davidson,Rinaldo,reider

Draft deal 1st(19th)for1st(24),2 3rds
Deadline deal Bennett,ritich(50% retained),6th for Heinamen,2nd,3rd

RFA andersson 6 yr , mangiapane 2 yrs extension,Klyington,kirkland,Gawdin,parsons
UFA markstrom 6 yrs,tanev 4 yrs, leivo,nesterov,Nordstrom,Domingues,Robinson,Simon,petrovic,rinaldo,Froese,2 yr extension

Draft deal 3rd(84),2 3rds, 4th zadorov,pitlick,bladder,3rd(89),6th
1 month before deadline trade pitlick,heinamen,1st,5th for toffoli
Deadline deal 2nd,3rd,5th,7thfor jarnkok(50% retained),carpenter

RFA Dube 3 yr valimako 2 yr Mackey 2 yr extension,Poolman,zadorov,parsons,Philip,Phillips,kylington,Kirkland,gawdin,
UFA Coleman 6 yrs,Richardson, Stone,gudbrandson,Ritchie,gravel,Lewis,welinski,Werner,

Offseason deals tkachuk,Monahan,1st(best)4th for Huberdeau,weegar,1st(worst)
Deadline deals BRitchie,zahorna,Mackeyfor NRitchie,stecher,hunt,Rubin's

RFA tkachuk 8 yr ,manigpane 3 yr, kylington 2yr vlader 2 yr, ruzicka 2 yr extension, Poolman,, Philip,pospasil,
UFA kadri 7 yr, Rooney 2yrs DeSimone 2 yr, Gilbert 2 yr,stone,dansk,meloche,Lewis,jones, Ritchie, Huberdeau 8 yr,weegar 8 yr,Zadorov 2 yr extension

2023-24 leafs
Start of season trades lafferty for 5th
Deadline trades 2 3rd,5th,2 6thsfor edmundston(50% retained)lubushkin(75% retained),slepets,,Cade webber

RFA holmgren 2 yr,abruzesse 2 yr extension,samsonov,
UFA reeves 3 yrs, Rafai 2 yrs, klingberg,domi,Bertuzzi,jones, Benoit,Gregor, lajoie, lagesson, gambrell, kampf 4 yr extension

Matthews 4 yr nylander 8 yr extensions starting 2024-25 season

Identify as a Teenage boy



08 Mar 2024 15:49:58
Here's 7 right handed Dmen that aren't expensive and might be worth looking into

Louis Crevier of Chicago at 6'8 just reach alone could be a hidden asset if he plays with a solid partner. 50 blocks in 24 games and only 15 minutes per game

Josh Brown of Arizona 6'5 in his little ice time racks up hits and blocks. The fact one of mccabe Brodie or edmundston would be his partner Brown might start lookin good

Kyle Burroughs of sanjose only 6' 195 but with 100 blocks 161 hits in 53 games. He is up to 18 minutes a game. Maybe because his team sucks he has to hit and block more than if he was on hood team but his 22 takeaways to 9
giveaways is something thst caught my eye as almost every dman in nhl gives away more so maybe with a solid LD he could be something more than we all think

Kaeden Korczak of Vegas at 6'3 203 he isn't huge but uses his size well. I call him an all around defender. He won't wow you in any area but also won't piss u off. Vegas already got rid of 2 RHD to get hanafin and this kid just won't get good chances on this team

Travis Hamonic of Ottawa is expected back in a couple weeks. If he gets conditioned and gets a hand full of games in at end of year he could be useful. When at his best and healthy he is a nasty guy to play against. Too bad he is injury prone and rarely at his best. He is still a huge block shot guy for the PK and best suited for limited minutes at Even. Keeping his minutes low will keep him fresh when needed and more useful.

Jonathan Kovacevic of Montreal 6'5 223. Great size and was a waiver claim last year. Has turned into a little gem for habs. Might be hard to get but well worth the effort

Justin Barron of Montreal 6'2 203 is another all around kind of guy and if given chance could be solid

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19 Feb 2024 20:16:51
Mcdavid gets 2nd star of week over McMann

Go look at his 10 assists.
1 Vs st.louis left handed RNH won faceoff on his backhand right back to Bouchard playing LD but more centered to goalie and Bouchard wires it past goalie and somehow mcdavid along the boards on left side somehow must of touched it while moving forward and ends up behind net while puck goes in net.

Physics tells me mcdavid must be 12 feet tall and stretchy man to even come remotely close to touching thst puck.

1 vs Detroit McDavid wins faceoff back to Bouchard over to RNH tap back to Bouchard but crosses mcdavids path but he skated over puck goes to screen goalie Bouchard pass to Hollowell easy tap in

Somehow mcdavid touched a puck that never changed directions after the touch weird

1 vs st.louis mcdavid wasn't on ice for
Perry's goal but hey give him an assist for just being in ice 30 seconds beforehand

Vs Dallas no discrepancy because league was notified

That's 12 non assists for mcdavid this year folks just to keep fans engaged.

Meanwhile every Matthews goal are Matthews goals

Edmontons 15-16 teams within reach of playoff spot 17-3 vs no chance playoff teams

There 16 game win streak 2x chi ani SJ ott mont seat hughesless nj
LA 3rd in 4th night right after Christmas
Phil in there after Christmas 4 game losing streak

That's 10 due to schedule gods

Edmonton isn't better due to coach change it's all schedule timing

Lame like this post

Identify as a Teenage boy

1.) 19 Feb 2024 22:34:16
Agreed they probably go on this run without changing coaches as well. They just got better goaltending.

Teams can't win with 2 goalies at 830sv%.

2.) 21 Feb 2024 13:06:07
Good rant. Good info.




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10 Mar 2024 03:07:38
Lou came to Toronto to take over from a trigger happy Dubas. From May to July he did a draft and made 6 trades. Kessel was the headliner along with mckegg and 4 AHL players and a 1st 2nd 4th 7th. Hyman and kapanen 3 fringe nhl players and an AHL player 1st 2 2nds 2 3rds.
That’s not all though he went on a signing spree. 3 ELC hyman being one of them, then resigned 5 RFA as Kadri was 1 of them. He then signed 5 UFA all OK players but no big fish.
Lou comes in sees the he has 2 standard contract spots are remaining and signs marner. Marners and all he and all contracted jr eligible players are standard contract until they get cut. He needed to still sign bernier so now they full and knowing he came here for a quick rebuild but what he saw in training camp bothered him. He knew he had to send marner back to jrs but beck and verhaeghe just weren’t showing Lou enough to warrant marner leaving so he made a decision to trade 5 guys he anticipated making the team but had bad camps for a proven scorer in grabner to offset the production lost in Kessel.
Once the deal was done marner was sent back to London and now 4 open contract spots. He signs bought out Brad Boyes hoping he can net a few while getting paid peanuts. Then signs Andrew campbell for depth.

So he misjudged 1 of the 5 guys. Lou expected all 5 to at least challenge but nylander brown Hyman kapanen and marner Valiev Dermott all outplayed the 4 skaters dealt and Gibson could even get in the marlie conversation as sparks was takin over and reimer just wasn’t challenged . So Lou made the deal

Heck a few months later he did it again dealing phaneuf

Every move had a reason as the plan was to ice nhl players while hoping to tank but not open long showing it. Then have the the marlies develop the young guys and keep marner Dermott in jrs.

Snow never saw verhaghe potential either.
I mean yeah he could have easily kept him sent marner home or simply sent him to marlies let him grow with this group but he didn’t.

Say marner or verheghe makes team if Lou never makes trade. Is it possible leafs win a few extra games due to it. Oh yeah imagine that extra few points causes 1 point more Edmonton to win lottery and Matthews mcdavid driaseidl on my.

Turns out sept 17 is important. 1st Matthews was born in it and 2nd he missed 2015 draft eligability by 1 day due to 16th is cutoff and 3 Lou traded for grabner on that date in 2015 to get marner back to jr which caused the guy celebrating his 18th then 1 year later legally drinking after going 1

So if u wanna keep bringing up how bad Lou missed the boat I guess I counter with Matthews wouldn't be a leaf without that trade

September 17th the date that prevented him going to Buffalo or Arizona. The date that started lous hush hush quest for last and the date that we will all celebrate one if the franchises all time best.

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09 Mar 2024 13:46:46
Nothing changed just dewar once he earns a spot will be going anywhere on bottom 6 enabling more rest going into playoff

Rielly klingberg
McCabe brodie
Gio liljegren
Benoit Timmins
Team ran 8 man D on roster

Rielly Brodie
McCabe liljegren
Gio timmins
Klingberg LTIR season now to 7 roster D

Rielly Brodie
McCabe Gio
Benoit timmins
Liljegren LTIR 7 roster D

Rielly Brodie
McCabe Benoit
Gio lagassen
Timmins LTIR

Rielly suspension got Rafai in a few games then Rielly came back liljegren came back but Gio got hurt and lybushkin trade made the D look like this before deadline

Rielly lybushkin
Brodie mccabe
Benoit liljegren

Rielly Edmunston
McCabe lybushkin
Brodie liljegren

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09 Mar 2024 13:18:27
Where did u get the idea jankrok and kampf are gone.
Domi Bertuzzi mcmann brodie edmundston lybushkin geo samsonov jones 3LTIR Murray klingberg muzzin will dons as well but u can’t count them as actual savings
That’s 22 million but all 6 need replacements

Then RFA dewar Gregor liljegren Benoit total 3.85 million and 4 roster spots

So yeah you have 26 million extra dollars needing minimum 3F 4D 1G so guess u can get started now.

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08 Mar 2024 15:54:30
I just like u used minny to help dumba get to another team.

Remember moneyball when beane tells justice that another team is paying him to not be on there team

Well now minny can be that team paying for him to not be on there team

Thst 1st scares me more than dumba scares opposing teams.

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07 Mar 2024 21:58:45
Nashville is in playoff spot have dealt trenin and graham sward (20 yr old offensive D) to Colorado for Jeremy hanzel (21 yr old offensive D) and a 3rd 2025 draft.

Hanzel is 7 months older and a tad better defensively and faster than sward but sward is showing more offensive ability but is on a better offensive team, do t understand the exchange as both are Left handed

Then Nashville got Anthony beauvillier from chic for a 5th 2024 to replace trenin

Basically trenin and a 5th for beauvillier and 3rd as the prospects cancel each other out

Think to get carrier ir fabbro will take liljegren and Robertson but I could be over valuing this

Sorry RLF I know trenin is a big you guy. maybe leafs target him in offseason as a ufa.

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11 Mar 2024 12:24:21
Benoit and marner sick.

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09 Mar 2024 14:29:58
St. Louis would owe 2 3rds to leafs as per hertl trade. A but differant but retaining low% for many season doesn’t seem like a huge ask compared to 50% retained with or without 3rd party gets a bigger return even though you’ve retained more than the few month retain. So weird because although a team retain me less % it’s not only moult leaving till the term of thd contract expires or player retires. In fact it takes up a retain slot and only allowed 3 at a time per year you might wanna do something big but that tiny % comes back to bite you

Maybe league will catch on to reversing the values since you end up retaining more cap and salary on the long term low%retain than high % retain on a less than half a year annoyance. It might seem to put u behind covering such a high retain but by the new offseason unlike other scenario you don’t need to think about it or worry if player goes to LTIR causing you to have to get your accounted involved over a non human entity

Just saying.

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08 Mar 2024 14:42:02
On a cup contender

Reilly 1LD
McCabe 2LD
Brodie 3LD
Edmundston 3LD
Lybushkin 3RD
Benoit 7D
Liljegren 8D
Timmins 9D
Lagesson 10D

So yes trade made team better but 2 top 4 RD missing so good luck.

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08 Mar 2024 14:31:43
He helped the blues win a cup and as a hab he helped habs beat the leafs and get to finals but lost to TBay.

He will be a solid 3rd pair dman with liljegren

Rielly McCabe
Brodie lybushkin
Edmundston liljegren

Only time will tell if this will change.

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07 Mar 2024 22:08:14
Yup good call.

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