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21 Jun 2023 20:16:21
So Gentlemen, Jack McBain is a RFA with the Yotes. How do we go about acquiring him? Who do we trade? What player or prospect/s do we send Arizona? Curious what you all think.


1.) 21 Jun 2023 21:19:49
I'm thinking Lilegren!

2.) 21 Jun 2023 21:35:15
I think they want picks. Lilly might be a little too old for them.

Let's say Robertson and a second.

I'm mostly basing this valuation on what Jeannot was traded for.

3.) 21 Jun 2023 21:40:36
Who is this Jack McBain character? Never heard of him.

4.) 22 Jun 2023 00:57:36

“ Let's say Robertson and a second. I'm mostly basing this valuation on what Jeannot was traded for”

The Tampa Bay Lightning are acquired forward Tanner Jeannot from the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenceman Cal Foote and five draft picks, the team announced.

The picks include: a first-round pick in 2025 (Top 10 protected), a second-round selection in 2024, and third, fourth and fifth-round picks in 2023.

5.) 22 Jun 2023 03:51:53
@WB I think Jeannot had more value at the time of his trade, but it sets the bar for the type of player he is.

We all also know, TB overplayed considerably.

6.) 22 Jun 2023 12:54:51
Would love McBain as a leaf not sure the cost it's worth looking into.



14 May 2023 21:31:05
I've seen some Matthews trades. Also see some Matthews isn't worth that responses. So, how about

LA Kings trade
Byfield or
M. Roy


Is this something that is reasonable or do we add or isn't Matthews worth this? An who would everyone rather have? Another big C or a steady Rd in Roy. Kinda addresses another glaring need with Roy.


1.) 15 May 2023 12:29:00
I don't understand the idea that Matthews wouldn't be worth a boatload by some. He is a 25 year old consistent 40+ goal scorer who is very good defensively and plays centre. Jeannot's return was huge and he is a 3rd line player. I know he was an RFA, but still.
No use trading Matthews unless the return is huge. imo.

2.) 15 May 2023 13:11:14
@RLF. no question Matthews has vukue but I think the people that say he doesn't are basing it on him being a ufa. now if there is a team that wantshimso bad Iand can negotiate along term deal thenithink his value goes up. uf not teams might rather just try their luck once he's a ufa. I personally dunno what his value would be either way.

3.) 15 May 2023 14:21:33
@Loxley. I respect your opinion, but I don't agree with that narrative and neither does the history of the NHL really. Meier, who is one year older than Matthews and no where near the history of dominance of Matthews just returned quite a bit even though his qualifying offer is $10M. Devils don't qualify him, he can walk to free agency. He can also except the $10M qualifier and walk to free agency in one year. Matthews has one year left on his deal, which gives a team a whole year to extend him and likely anyone trading for Matthews has an idea of what number they are looking at. Stuff gets out.
My point is, elite talent has always been in high demand. Think of what Matthews value would be at this upcoming trade deadline if Leafs wanted to move him even though he is a pending UFA. Look what Jeannot returned (I know he is RFA) . Matthews would get a ridiculous return at the TDL, so it makes no sense to me that he wouldn't get a great return this off-season when you get him for a whole year and time to negotiate.



30 Dec 2022 03:38:19
Ok tonight hurt a bit. How bout this..

Tor 1st 23, 2nd 24, M Knies and Engval


Yotes L. Crouse and Jack McBain

Who adds and is there potential here? These are a coue guys we need moving forward and that is a decent return for Arizona. No?


1.) 30 Dec 2022 05:47:07
This is an absolute overpay. Arizona adds significantly.

2.) 30 Dec 2022 13:25:04
A very big NO from me.

Arizona would very happily make this trade but I think a much smaller Coyote trade makes more sense.

Bjugstad showed his speed, skill and grit last night. Sending the Yotes 2 decent prospects like SDA and Hoefenmayer will get us this 6’6” secondary scorer.

3.) 30 Dec 2022 13:44:46
I am surprised there is only 1 McBain proposal so far. Lol
Anyone on here for a while would know I am a big McBain fan. Forget about Crouse, I doubt he is going anywhere unless the overpay is big Like this one.
Personally, I would just try for McBain. I think he could be a good fit with JT and Marner.
Leafs send Anderson and Kral for McBain is my counter offer.

4.) 30 Dec 2022 14:47:02
I also have mentioned McBain before and I do like him but I don’t think the Yotes would trade a 22yo with his skill set and contract.

Bjugstad is the one I see Arizona trading.

But if that package gets him I’m all over it!

5.) 30 Dec 2022 15:58:34
Definitely no to this proposal.
@RLF if you think that package gets you McBain, I'm all in.
@Rsears Personally, I think would pass on Bjugstad. Still on the fence about him.
Only one target IMO worth going for and that's ROR. Don't know what the cost would be, but Dubas should definitely make a play for him. Dubas can work out an extention deal same as what he did with Gio. Hopefully ROR is willing to sign fora bit less (home time discount in the range of $4M) . We can always hope.
Anyways, ROR is a playoff performer which is exactly what we need with our track record. I really hope Dubas goes all in for this guy.

6.) 30 Dec 2022 18:22:53
Funny, I thought it might have been a slight overpay for McBain. Lol

McBain projects as a 3rd/ 4th line player, which is where he is currently slotted in Arz. Until his 4th season in the NCAA, he never tailed more than 6 goals in a season. As an NHLer his first 82 games projects at 20 pts. He was a 3rd round selection. Not like he was or is a projected top 6 forward. So, shouldn't two solid similar aged (McBain turns 23 in a week) prospects that look like NHL ready or close to ready players be enough?
What do you guys think it takes to land him? Like Anderson and a 2nd or something like that?

7.) 30 Dec 2022 21:29:23
@RLF sorry, but me referencing your McBain deal is not about McBain, it's about Anderson.
IMO I think Anderson is not an NHL player and any team willing to include him in a package is nuts.
If Arizona would be interested in your propsal above, I would jump all over it.

8.) 31 Dec 2022 12:41:38
@Tagz. Wow, pretty harsh on Anderson. Lol
I think he can play in the NHL and you don't. All good.
So what would it take to get McBain?

9.) 31 Dec 2022 14:04:37
@RLF I know it was harsh and I am not usually like that. I just think Anderson doesn't process the NHL speed quickly enough to sustain an NHL career.
As you know, I'm not great at assessing value but here goes.
McBain, 2023 4th for
Hirvonen, plus 2023 5th
Leafs don't have enough big bodies so I would love to get McBain even if he only projects to 4th line at best.

10.) 31 Dec 2022 15:56:54
That's funny. I kinda feel about Hirvonen like you do about Anderson. I think Hirvonen has the smarts etc to play in the NHL, but not enough offensive skill to be a top 6 player. Leaves him for a bottom 6 role and with his lack of size and the fact he is not overly physical, he will be like a Malgin without as much skill. Not many openings in the NHL for that type of player.
If Arz would take that deal, I think it is a huge win for Toronto.
for what it is worth, I felt in my deal it was Kral that made it work. ARZ lacks defence prospects. He would likely get a chance their.

11.) 31 Dec 2022 17:05:37
Hirvonen and a 5th will NOT get you a current NHL player AND a 4th.

It might not get you just McBain.

And again I really don’t see Arizona trading any young prospect other than Chychrun.

They will be content getting something decent back for a 30yo who is big and strong enough to be a playoff contributor.

12.) 31 Dec 2022 18:00:24
RSEARS. One thing to consider with McBain is that he is a pending RFA and Arz is in that 5000 seat arena for another year. If McBain gets 10/ 10 or 10 and 15 for 20-25 pts and wants $1.5-$2M, will Arz want to pay that for a bottom 6er? They will likely sign more guys for one year deals next year that will be pending UFA's. They will likely move Ritchie and Bjugstad anyway. They could have Anderson and Kral for maybe what McBain will cost alone.

13.) 31 Dec 2022 19:27:18
So let me guess you saw the Arizona game and because both players had good games thy are now all stars. Sheesh.

14.) 31 Dec 2022 19:36:39
@RLF lol
I was going to add Kral with Hirvonen, but didn't want to use the same pieces lol
@Rsears you may be right about Arizona not wanting to trade young prospects other than Chychrun.




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14 Oct 2022 00:19:25
Ok I lied, @Leafslife calm down? One game? Lmfao bro listen I think everyone has been more then patient with these "growing pains" / the process! Gimme a break same heartless bs effort these guys continue to replicate year after year. I believe writing is clearly on the wall. Blow this crap up! By trading guys like Matthews, Marner Reilly and Nylander ntm the fact we would ice one of the worse teams in the NHL think about how many 1st round picks and top prospects the organization would acquire? Possibly enough to fill first line D pairings with quality defence men plus the first 2 lines stacked, and without overpaying these clowns a bottom six that are competent. Agree or disagree? Btw this is fuelled by the 2-1 Caps lead game to LL still calm?


1.) 14 Oct 2022 03:43:04
Yeah, still calm.

Samsonov played well (one weak goal) and the team looked better.

I'm not sure if this is a Stanley cup winning team right now either, but it isn't time to blow it up because you lost game one.



14 Oct 2022 00:09:26
Also so unimpressed with the loss to Montreal in game one. Like they're and AHL squad at best and we're cup contenders?! Lol. Any immediate trade including Muzzin, Holl or Engval would be ideal bc they are bad. Period! Let's get some pucks I mean picks for these pylons and package that into something that can help now. Then bring Robertson up to play bc he earning it and use our new found cap space and picks/prospects even other roster players as trade bait to shake this squad up. Please Hockey gods assist Dufuss in seeing the inequality of this team he's assembled and translate that into assets that might compliment the so called core. Instead of adding redundant players that like the core have no heart and CANT get it done. Rant over sorry guys


1.) 14 Oct 2022 12:24:53
I’m okay with trading Muzzin but not so much Holl or Engval because I think they earn their keep.

But I’m willing and interested in who you would target for these two?

I might be happier with the two you like.



13 Oct 2022 23:59:34
Hey boys ok so I know this isn't necessarily a player trade idea but... I'm at this point where I feel I may snap if I hear that stupid Hall and Oates goal song again. Almost to the point I hope the leafs get blanked ever game at home until it's changed. This regime hasn't made a single dream come true so next. Thoughts on a tune that bangs?





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15 Jan 2024 10:00:27
I agree WB Benoit is looking pretty solid and is getting better and better, has a great addition the the evolving Lears D core. leafs should extend him soon.




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15 Jan 2024 09:55:40
Goat buddy love the target I’ve wanted the Leafs to make a play for him for a long time but……… Robertson and Lilly are not even gonna move the Yotes needle or even get em thinkin bout it. Knies plus I’m sure would be part of the conversation. Knies is from Arizona and going to be very similar just is 6 yrs younger. Fits both teams competitive windows but the leafs won’t trade Knies I’d hope.




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28 Jul 2023 21:50:59
@clarky17 Well said!




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09 Jul 2023 14:29:46
Couldn’t agree more MARNER needs to go bye bye I’ve seen enough and long had enough. Many will disagree an say Marner top 3 winger in the league 100pt player blah blah all I see is a wimpy little guy who can pass retrieve a puck and is a pretty fast skater but really lacks true compete in his game and any resemblance of a backbone player making wayyyyyy to much money. Sorry, there’s other players out there that would be more clutch then Mitch imo.




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07 Jul 2023 04:29:52
Hope you and you’re family have an amazing time together enjoy! ???? @mph.





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