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03 Mar 2023 03:55:54
Perron at 50 percent
Holl 1st 2023 to wings

Steeves to Ducks for another 50 percent

Leaves Leafs with 1.2 cap hit
Less 2.0 of Holl
Gives them 800k
Enough to activate the goalie Murray and sign Knies

Perron ROR Jarnkrok is new third line

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03 Mar 2023 06:09:05
I'd prefer Tyson Barrie.

03 Mar 2023 14:29:29
Anyone who thinks Barrie is a good defenceman, doesn't know anything about hockey;)

03 Mar 2023 17:41:37
Barrie for Kerfoot ??

04 Mar 2023 00:36:50
Perron back on O’Reilly’s wing would have been a good fit on the Leafs.

02 Mar 2023 22:21:41
Hey Leafs final trade of year. What I think the thing Dubas can do and free up some cap players that need to be moved

Kerfoot to Kraken for picks

Leafs. Paroon retain 50%
Wings Bruins 1st Holl

Leafs Vajmelka
Yotes. 3rd Woll

Leafs get a strong winger for 3rd line and good goal

Bunting AM MM
JT ROR Willy
Paroon Lafferty Jarnkork (Knies)
Reese Kampf Acciari

Reilly TJ
Giordano McMabe
Gus Shenn


Murray LTIR

Just my thoughts on this one.

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03 Mar 2023 01:04:16
Do you mean Peron?
If Wings retain 50%, Peron’s familiarity with O’Reilly makes him worth a look.

I think Vejmelka is the best backup for Samsonov that Leafs could acquire.
Matt Murray would have to be going back to Arizona to make it feasible.
If Coyotes are taking back Murray’s $4.7 cap hit for next season it would probably take Boston’s 1st (via Washington) to get the deal done but I am okay with that as Vejmelka has two more years to run on his contract at $2.725.

02 Mar 2023 22:19:13
Arizona Lawson Crouse & Karel Vejmelka
15% retained

Toronto 1st 23 (Bostons) 1st 24
Jake Muzzin ltir
Matt Murray ltir
Alex Kerfoot cap
Nick Robertson

Arizona loves ltir players they don't have to pay
Kerfoot goes for cap could also flip
2 firsts and a decent if not often injured prospect

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02 Mar 2023 22:48:42
Like it.

03 Mar 2023 01:04:38

03 Mar 2023 01:55:31
I like it. Makes a lot of sense for the Totes as well.

They seem to love those LTIR deals insurance pays that still keep them at the floor.

I'm really not sold on Crouse myself. I think it may be another Nick Ritchie situation, but I'd be willing to take the risk.

Solid prop. Well done.

03 Mar 2023 05:22:23
@ LL Yo I’m jus curios here. Explain how In the F Crouse reminds you of Ritchie? Size? Hits? Will fight? Can actually score ooops wait Ritchie really can’t so what? Solid prop dunno why the negativity on it ?‍♂️.

03 Mar 2023 06:13:29
@Henry "Solid prop. Well done"

"I like it. Makes a lot of sense for the Yotes as well"

That's negative? I think we use different dictionaries then my friend.

Ritchie went to the Yotes and started playing well. Mediocre players playing top line minutes on bad teams, traded to good teams fall apart. This isn't a new story nor something I can say for certain will befall Crouse. Just my opinion on the guy.

I suggest you read entire comments next time and try to comprehend what is written. Nothing was negative at all, merely my opinion on a sought after player is all.

03 Mar 2023 11:35:47
What am I missing here that people think Arz would do this? Their number 1 goalie and a top 6 winger goes for an LTIR contract, a $4.7M goalie that isn't worth it, an expiring contract a very good but injured prospect and 2 1sts.
1 1st goes with Murray to take him. That leaves a late 1st and Robertson for Vegmelka and Crouse. Muzzin may play again, so that is not good for Arz and Kerfoot may be flipped for a 3rd. I don't think Leafs are offering enough and once we remove Muzzin's LTIR, I don't think we have the cap space for this.

03 Mar 2023 14:21:14
Don't the leafs need their ltir for their roster to work.

02 Mar 2023 21:27:21
Would a deal for Sam Einhart (25% retained) make sense for Holl,Kerfoot and ond of the 2 picks we have? Heard Florida was trying to free up cap space...are they still looking for that?

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02 Mar 2023 22:45:31
Hornquist is on ltir for the rest of the year so they are good cap wise.

02 Mar 2023 21:06:20
So this is just based on fun and maybe more frustration with Matthews play last night and really all this year....NO CHANCE IT HAPPENS..but i kinda like it if we fail again this year.

Leafs Trade:

Kings Trade:

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03 Mar 2023 01:56:40
I don't think Mathews has been bad this year. He's still on pace for 40+ goals and his defensive game has dramatically improved.

He does seem to be taking a lot of nights of though, so I understand the frustrations.

03 Mar 2023 03:43:43
He’s more than likely has an injury that requires surgery and I think it’s the wrist he’s had trouble
Handling the puck and his shot hasn’t been very accurate.

02 Mar 2023 18:45:01
Kerfoot, Rielly, Hirvonen, 1st 2023
Quick, Jenner, 3rd 2023

Quick - 2.900 @50% (5.800) - UFA
Jenner - 3.750 - has term
= 6.650 cap hit
+ 3rd 2023

Kerfoot - 3.500 - UFA
Rielly - 7.500 - has term
= 11.000 cap hit
+ Hirvonen, 1st 2023

Moved off the cap: 4.350 - enough to sign Knies and some...

Playoff roster:

Jenner L Matthews L Marner R
Tavares L O'Reilly L Nylander R
Bunting L Kempf L Jarnkrok R
Auston-Reese L Acciari R Lafferty R

Knies L Holmberg L Steeves L Simmonds R (reserve)

Giordano L Brodie L
McCabe L Schenn R
Gustafsson L Liljegren R

Benn L Holl R Niemela R Timmins R (reserve)


Murray (reserve)

- I like Samsonov as a backup, who knows what could happen with Murray, Quick is proven and healthy...at least right now
- Jenner would be a huge upgrade to Bunting come playoffs
- I'd rather have Gustafsson (leads team D in scoring) running the powerplay on the bottom D pairing then have Rielly (2 goals) on the top D pairing and running the powerplay
- Knies/Niemela should be played the same way Caufield was for Montreal.if needed
- Mitch is Auston's heroine, shouldn't play together until game 1 when he will need his fix

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02 Mar 2023 20:10:48
quickto vegas so nope.

02 Mar 2023 16:53:50
Tor: kerfoot 1st 2023
Det: Perron

Leafs need another winger who can score Detroit seems to be selling maybe it opens up a better chance for O'reilly as a 3c Perron has been good depth scoring this year and scored 9 goals last year in the playoffs

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02 Mar 2023 19:00:41
See, I'm for loading up the top 6 and finding another bottom 6 guy with some ability that is hard to play against.

What I am wondering, is why they haven't tried JT on LW with Matthews and Marner and put Bunting on 2LW with O'Rielly and Nylander. This gives the first line a more talented grinder than Bunting and evens out the speed between lines better as JT and O'Rielly are the two slowest of the 6. Bunting plays a very complimentary style to O'Rielly and gives Willy two guys that dig pucks and play fairly physical taking that attention off of him.

02 Mar 2023 19:06:57
Like it.

02 Mar 2023 19:16:50
Leafs lost their chance when they missed out on Bertuzzi. Need grinding forward not scorer.

02 mar 2023 20:23:31
leafs need to go all in on anderson .
mtl trades leafs anderson 25% retain

toronto trades knies 2024 1st 2024 5th 2025 5th for the salary retention.

02 Mar 2023 21:02:40
The leafs don’t need another grinder they got those already they need a guy who can play in the top 9 and grind Perron seem like a good fit.

Rfl I agree jt would be interesting up there but also why not Willy he doesn’t mind playing his off wing.

02 Mar 2023 21:19:49
you have a glut on d put rielly up to left wing and bunting to 3rd line.

03 Mar 2023 01:07:41
Only if Detroit retains 50% otherwise Leafs do not want his $4 million cap hit messing up their salary cap next year.

02 Mar 2023 16:23:56
Do-Re-Mi from the Hawks at 50 percent
Holl and 1st 2023 for taking Holl

Domi is LW for Tavares Nylander
Knies ROR Jarnkrok/Lafferty

Have at it 16.

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02 Mar 2023 18:10:24
MPH, Domi is a solid pickup and based on his performance this year he will get a 1st.
I guess now its time to pick on me cause I responded to you in a negative way - I wasn't aware this site was agree or be quiet (with MPH)

02 Mar 2023 18:51:41
Rumour is a 2nd down the road . Don’t over value Domi. Good year yes but not worth a first.

02 Mar 2023 18:58:28
Quality feedback 16.

02 Mar 2023 19:10:46
Can only retain 2 contracts in a season so this trade is a dud.

02 Mar 2023 21:39:40
Oops it’s 3 so trade could of been done but Dallas swooped in.

02 Mar 2023 21:56:44
@16 just ask him about his love affair with Tyson Barrie. That usually get him lol.

03 Mar 2023 01:09:48
Why anything for taking Holl.
He is an expiring contract with only 20 regular season games left on his contract?


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