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28 May 2023 08:40:16
Bob 1965

if you sign a player like Matthews to an offer sheep. I get it can't happen but if you could it costs 5 first round picks teams would pay that price as well

Leafs trade Murray SDA

Arizona 6 th round pick 2023

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28 May 2023 06:53:45
2nd over all (Fantilli)

Leafs clear up cap space that can be used elsewhere. Fantilli has looked great in the world championship, plays centre and a bigger body.

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28 May 2023 08:02:35
Leafs would want a lot more than that 2 nd overall pick . Marner is top 5 talent in the world

Will Fantilli ever be the 5 th best player in the NHL


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28 May 2023 08:26:59
What team could take ON ONE OF LEAFS TOP 4 players salary

Some of these teams couldn’t do it

But would Marner or Matthews
Want to go through a rebuild that at least 12 of these teams would need if they acquired one of these elite talents

So it’s easy to say Matthews wants to leave Toronto but where is he going that gives him same chance at winning Toronto does

Los Angeles
San Jose
Seattle 19 TEAMS
St. Louis

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28 May 2023 03:07:24
Mathews would get you a lot. The point is if you load up on futures basically clean out a teams top prospects for Matthews

Then you use the 12 million you have for Matthews on free agents you are scoring twice on one deal

Leafs Matthews

Chicago Korchinski Nazar Reichel Dach 2024 first round pick

I just want cheap entry contracts coming back

The world doesn't end if you lose Matthews

Sign Tyler Bertuzzi Matt Dumba Shayne Gostisbehere

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27 May 2023 22:36:38

I would choose Stan Bowman if league reinstates him

Leafs Trade Nylander

Calgary 2023 first round pick and Flames top 5 prospects

Then go get best players in free agency you can

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28 May 2023 01:27:37
So you think you’re getting and 1st and their 5 top prospects? Never gonna happen.

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28 May 2023 02:01:00
Top 5 prospects for a rental?

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28 May 2023 02:27:43
@David Mackin. So, Nylander has one year left on his contract and you feel he is worth the 16th overall pick, Zary, Pelletier, Wolf, Kuznetsov and Ciona for an example.

I've been known to put a few back and then post, but man, you are the king.

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28 May 2023 02:37:52
@DM. As for Bowman, this is the guy who knew about his video coach sexually assaulting a player and he helped keep it quiet and dismissed him without reporting it or having him charged. This is the guy you want as the Leafs GM.
You have issues with Treliving and not Bowman. You and I have very different standards on how to evaluate and qualities wanted in a GM.

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28 May 2023 03:15:47
@RLF don't forget giving him a letter of recommendation to work at a high school, knowing all of this.

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28 May 2023 03:21:44
@RLF not just qualities of a GM. Qualities of a human being. I don not want anything to do with Bowman or Quennville for that matter.

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27 May 2023 22:26:37
This is why treliving is not a good gun

When he traded Thakchuk

He should have went futures with Florida get all there young top prospects then use the cap space he gained on free agency. Not Kadri 7x7

A Matthews trade would look like this

Toronto trades Mathews

Arizona Cooley Guenther Nathan Smith Maccelli Geekie Arizonia first 2023

Then leafs have 11 million in 2023 free agency

So your double dipping on assets

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27 May 2023 18:37:11
At draft

To ranger
Nylander 50% retain

To Toronto
2023 1st rd 23rd overall

Leafs retain 3.481 in cap and 1.25 in salary

Leafs then sign lefreniere to a 3X3.481 bridge deal

So they pay same cap on lefreniere year 1 but year 2/3 save half plus get a long term solution to replace nylander and pick up a 1st round asset


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27 May 2023 14:22:54
If Leafs go full blown rebuild

Matthews in a sign & trade to Arizona for Lipkin, the 6th & 12 th pick in this year's 2023 draft & an unprotected 1st Rd pick in 2024 & 2025. Leafs pick up half of Matthews contract in final year in 2023 / 2024. Suddenly players like Keller may be interested in staying.

Nylander in a sign and trade, Reilly & rights to Samsonov to Chicago for Mzarek & th 19th overall pick in this year's NHL draft, Nazar, Korchinski, Rinzel, Commesso & Reichel & a 1st Rd pick in 2024.

Leafs roll with Murray & Mzarek as an equal goaltending tandem, & draft in the top 3 in 2024

Marner, Brodie & Liljegren to Columbus for the 3rd & 22 nd overall picks in this year's NHL draft & a 1st round unprotected pick in 2024. Leafs pick up half of remaining two years on Marner contract.

Leafs would draft 3rd, 6th, 12th, 19th, 22nd & 28th in this year's NHL draft.

Take 6th & 12 the move up to 4th
draft Michkov 3rd, presumably Bedard & Fantilli go 1st & 2nd overall. Michkov will be worth the wait, though Leafs could negotiate his release from his KHL club contract. Draft Carlsson 4th overall, he really could pan out to be a young Sundin.

Leafs would also have multiple 1st Rd picks in 2024, for the rebuild.

Top 6 for the 2025 / 2026 season

Knies Carlsson Michkov
Robertson Nazar Reichel

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27 May 2023 19:52:42
So in other words complete rebuild another 5-10 years of absolutely nothing that’ll be a hard no.

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27 May 2023 19:53:44
Robetston is not a top 6 in this league might might even be a top 6 on the AHL.

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27 May 2023 07:02:51
Leafs trade Bunting
Calgary trade Kadri

To show you how bad Treliving is he gave Kadri 7x7

It can be argued that Bunting is better player. Bunting is 5 years younger the stats between the two players last year were almost same

By the way Treliving gave Huberdeau 10.5 x 8

With these two contracts Calgary are stuck in cement for years. His drafting has been very poor as well.

If Shanahan hires this Turkey he better keep a lot of control on the moves Treliving makes. This is the ultimate babysitting hire for Shanahan

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27 May 2023 12:41:54
So Kadri at 7x$7M is bad after one season? Dubas had no bad signings?
Trelivings draft history is not terrible by any means. Better than Dubas actually. Especially if Zary and Pelletier turn into NHlers.

Who should he hire?

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27 May 2023 20:00:26
Every GM has bad signings/ trades. It's the nature of the business. If you can only come up with two things you dislike from his 9 years in Calgary, I'd say he's done pretty well.

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28 May 2023 01:31:34
First of all you can’t trade Bunting. And if you say Kadri at 7x7 was a bad deal, why would you want to trade for him?

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28 May 2023 07:49:36
I found this to be a very good article on Treliving for anyone interested.

Not sure if I downloaded it correctly.

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